Mayor Bans City-Funded Travel to Indiana After "License to Discriminate" Bill


Good gesture - but which local politicians need to go to friggin Indiana?
@1: maybe none, but if hundreds of cities had the same rule, it sends a message. It's a good start.
If this keeps up, the only people who will be left to attend events in Indiana (like the Indy 500) will be ignorant bigots (who would probably be pleased as punch to know that all teh librulz and fags were staying away).
The gesture is well intended and may be an effective means to stopping this apparent trend. But boycotting the state(s) also hurts pro-equality businesses. A new movement among these businesses is to announce "We Serve Everyone" on storefronts, web sites and advertisements, thereby allowing those who support the new law to be identified by NOT participating in these postings. If this trend takes hold, directing business to only those who declare their pro-equality position may be more effective in the long run, and better targets those we don't want to support.
How can one be sure the staff of airlines and hotels, among other businesses that would suffer revenue loss, are sufficiently evil to deserve the boycott?

Powerful people don't really suffer much in the long run from these symbolic things. Its the peons that get screwed, like the unskilled workers (who may very well be quite progressive) that might be laid off from their jobs due to a reduction in business.
It is a dilemma indeed, but economic leverage seems ultimately to be one of the few things bigots can't rationalize away. Hit them in their pocketbooks, severely impede their ability to generate income through their businesses, and eventually even Jeebuz will take a back seat.
Not far enough for a symbollic move Ed.

You need to extend the boycott to all equipment using Columbus, IN-based Cummins engines and generators. Idle them and start pulling them for replacement. Also stop all Seattle public employees from being able to be reimbursed for Eli Lilly drug products (HQed in Indianapolis).
Excellent plan. Keep us posted on the progress you make.
@8, It's a small sacrifice we can all make to show Indiana we don't need Humalog for our Seattle diabetics or Cialis for our limp dicks.
Chef, put something into Law. The Stranger fully believes the legal system is the best method or social change. Prohibit and Allow. Treat the public like baby bovine.
Good. D.C. should do the same.
Economic leverage is a motivator to get people more involved in the political process. Indiana had a 28% voter turn out-thus assholes like Mike Pence and the array of legislators. The republicans in Indiana routinely punish Lake County Indiana because it is a Dem and working class strong hold. And so things like property tax assessments, funding for schools, road repair are withheld because the state legislature feel they don't deserve access to state resources.

Indiana is a shithole.
Good. If economic leverage is the only morality bigots will acknowledge, hit them in the pocketbook.
@5: Dude, google "divestment apartheid"
this law lasts about 5 minutes in a federal court. calm down.
@ 4, as a resident of a state that weathered such a boycott in the 90s (look up Amendment 2), it wasn't so bad - yes, business was lost, but the forces of good prevailed.
Hey Mr. Mayor, why don't you do something right here in Seattle. You could start by running the Salvation Army out of town. Get rid of those annoying bell ringing hate mongers.…

Then remove all the religious laws from the books and END the preferential treatment religion receives with its many loopholes. The enemy here is not Indiana it the gang that controls Indiana.
How about we end all the free advertising and for these gangs. Look at what these children are being exposed to every Easter. Almost every holiday we have is just a technique to recruit more gang members. Lets replace this propaganda with something safe for the kids.
I like how people get dressed in their Sunday best for Easter church services. Black people especially have great style in their love for the risen Christ. I may even wear a tie this year.
Governor needs to do the same, including travel by public university sports teams.
ok, everyone give their subarus. made in indiana.
It is somewhat amusing that while Murray can claim the title of Seattle's first gay mayor, King County is named after our country's first gay vice president (under Pierce) and lover of our country's first gay president (Buchannan).
@21: Not even Justice Antonin Scalia would go along with that. Replace "homosexual" and "pervert" with "jews" and "jewish".
Seattleblahs dear, you can be as religious as you want. The idea is civility and equality in public life.

Someday, when you're older and not so naive, you'll understand. Or maybe you'll just stay the special little snowflake you are. After all, not all of us can be the brightest bulb in the chandelier. That would make for a very boring chandelier, wouldn't it?
This is such a huge embarrassment for the GOP. Have fun with this in 2016, guys!
@21: If you're a business that serves the public, you're not allowed to discriminate in your clientele. Clear court precedent. Cry more, fascist.
@19,seatackled : Extactly! so, to one of you ambitious blog-porters: what did Inslee say when you asked him about joining this boycott?

(hey, how does comment "0" follow 19? cuz i want -7+13i)
@21, 27:


Now that one IS boring.
Seattleblahs, you're not a business. You're just an odd little guy who apparently got dropped on his head too many times as a baby. You've shown us time and again that you lack the intellect, critical thinking skills, and character to be in any sort of enterprise.

If indeed in your "business" (which, if it exists, probably has something to do with the weight loss industry or perhaps home security systems) you "discriminate", that is the reason for your obvious unhappiness, lack of success, and abundant free time. But I still think you're probably some insecure adolescent who is terrified about what life has in store for him. Just relax, Seattleblahs. Despair isn't becoming, particularly in the young.
You've got me there, Seattleblahs. Most days you can find me just sitting in a corner, counting my thumbs to make sure I still have three.

But please continue to attempt to enlighten me, struggle that it may be: in your "business", just how do you make sure you aren't dealing with a pervert or a deviant? Do you do background checks? Subject them to some sort of interrogation about their sex life? Come on to them to see if they respond? Or can you just tell? I must say, it seems like you would be a real hassle to buy vitamin supplements or steak knives from.

And how do you reject the perverts and deviants who, however ill advisedly, would wish to purchase whatever highly theoretical and undoubtedly dubious good or service you provide? Do you renounce them, citing scripture? Or do you just tell them that your are unable to sell them the Amway products they desire, and leave it at that?

See 32
That's the best you have, Seattleblahs? I must say, I was just kidding about that being dropped on your head part, but now I'm not so sure.....
@27: "And in business I choose clients with whom I believe mutually beneficial business can be done. Perverts need not apply."
See, that's two different ideas expressed there. The first is the basic principle underlying business; two people conduct a transaction because it benefits both of them. A man on the street buys a hot dog because he's hungry, and a man with a food cart sells it to him because he wants money. The second is sort of the opposite; if you don't approve of who someone is, you'll refuse to engage in a profitable transaction with them? That's bad for business, you know.
The idea is that if someone has the money, it doesn't matter whether they're black, white, gay, straight, Jewish, Christian, or any whatever. Unless a guy is blowing dudes in your store, him being gay has NO IMPACT on your business with him.

There's nothing wrong with only doing business with people who have something to bring to the table, but you're subordinating that to your pathetic homophobia.
That photo of Murray is perfect. While everyone else is listening intently, he's looking for a photo op.
@37: He does have a good tailor, I must say.
Heh, and they said that it wasn't an anti-gay bill, just a freedom of religion bill. THEY LIED.
@24 Good point. Let them, or him make fools of the G.O.P. in this stupid law. The republicans are going to lose in 2016 because of idiots like him, of which there are many in the republican party. I say keep it up you morons, it makes the Democrats job much easier by your ignorance of human rights.

Umm. And apparently so frightening to the delicate folks at the Stranger that total censorship is needed! For couldn't be that. This paper and most of those commenting are the essence of vulgar, profane, hste filled, bigotry in speech. Who knew common truth was so terrifying?

@43: "total censorship"
Wow, two words in a row of whose meanings you are unaware.
@43 Do you know why Mike Pence has to fuck Rand Paul? (think hard, I gave you the answer once before)
Religion is like a penis. It's a perfectly fine thing for one to have and take pride in, but when one takes it out and waves it in my face we have a problem. (Unless, of course, you're hot and it is an actual penis).