Gov. Jay Inslee Bans State-Funded Travel to Indiana After Controversial Religious Freedom Bill


Good for Inslee, and good for the other governors who have done the same--I think Connecticut's governor issued a similar order earlier.

I hope this includes travel by collegiate sports teams from public universities, too.
Mark Emmert is still in wait and see mode, but what if the university presidents for the Final Four teams just refuse to let their teams play in Indiana? The money's too great for the NCAA to award a forfeit victory--they would play the games elsewhere.
Low information voters may not know shit, but they sure as hell now know that RepubliKKKans hate homos, Latinos, and African Americans. Way to go, hate-crazed Far White Dumb Nutz!
Will he be banning travel to India too?

You know, for anti-gay laws, and oh, gang rape, etc.

And will Inslee condemn local employers who use their labor resources?

How soon before the calls to Nadella and Bezos go out from Olympia?

Apropos of nothing, Jay Inslee is quite fuckable.
Mayer Murray is one of the politicians who took the lead on boycotting travel to Indiana so as not to be complicit with discriminatory laws. Hopefully he will also cancel his upcoming pinkwashing trip to Israel so as not to be complicit with the ongoing, human rights violations of Palestinians. #bdsmovement…
This is good news with an upcoming election. republicans with a controversial law that makes them look really stupid. Not that they need any more negative press, they can screw themselves out of another Presidential election with their stupidity and ignorance of what the American people really want.
Thank you for linking to Garrett Epps's important post in The Atlantic. It really explains why this law is a game changer.
(Shorter SROTU) No need to try to make anything better if there's some festering sinkhole on the planet that's worse. That's the spirit!
yeah dudebro, he should make a solidarity trip to gaza instead..and risk beheading. at least it wouldn't be pinkwashing. I hate when I mix my reds and whites.
@4 hmmmm how to explain the simple.

Indiana a state within the sovereign nation of The United States of America. India a Sovereign nation on a completely different continent.

Indiana a state within our political collective. India a nation outside our political collective.

Indiana domestic politics. India foreign policy.

Does that help you differentiate the two?

Yes, it helps me understand the way you and your cronies backpedal when the obvious is laid at your doorstep.

@12: It is not everyone else's fault that you do not know the fundamental differences between a country and a state.
Well done Inslee! ..could've been a bit more proactive, but hey whatcanyado?

But now that Governor "hissing/parseltongue" Pence has given his "This Law isn't about what it was specifically written about" press conference, it's feared that businesses will collectively shrug and back off. This would be a major loss. In particular, significant employers, like Eli Lilly, should overtly 'consider' moving headquarters in order to remain relevant to progressive society.
Pointless politicking, this will have no effect on anything.
Hey Fred Allen why shouldn't I be able to rent the same wedding hall in Indiana that you can? Stay in the same honeymoon suite? Have a nice brunch the next morning in the same restaurant?

Is your wife likely to seeing two gay men enjoying a healthy relationship going to cause your wife to go running for the hills and file divorce papers? Seriously? If you believe that you have serious relationship problems.

@16: Businesses open to the public aren't allowed to discriminate when it comes to their clientele. There is decades of court precedent on this matter. Next question.