My employer (big box, national chain) bumped me up to $11.75 effective Feb. 1 in order to keep me ahead of the new hires. And they still gave me my annual raise on top of that.

Just saying...
As of midnight, rampaging hordes of small business owners were taking to the streets, torching City offices, smashing tip jars on the sidewalks, and corralling anyone wearing a fast-food chain uniform into "Minimum Wage Holding Pens" until their demands for repeal of the $15 MW law are met.

Also, they raised the prices on all their menu items by a quarter.
Wow, not a single story from a stringer on the SLOG home page this morning. Good job, team!
Is Jess Spear encouraging everyone to try Wendy's new ciabatta buffalo ranch onion ring breakfast sandwich?

@4 I agree. But at least the Wendy's girl is A) a lot hotter and B) not a real ginger. Jess Spear is proof that gingers don't have souls.
@5 Based on your past comments I assume you are loosing your job today. So shouldn't you be off filing for unemployment?
Australia has had a federal minimum wage of over $18AUS for years: is that nation broke? ( note: Oz's Wealth Gap is FAR lower than this dystopia's . . . I'M ONLY SAYIN' . . . . --- & & ).
By 2021, when you finally make $15/hour, you won't be able to afford to live here anyway...
That kid with the "Because rent won't wait." shirt looks exceedingly short sighted wearing that....
Does he think that there is ANY protection AT ALL keeping landlords from upping his rent (Because why not? We can afford it anyways!)??

(Between the lines: higher minimum wage doesn't mean affordable living. Thinking only of YOUR income is greedy and ignorant. Elderly and fixed-income have to ride your inflation wave too, but their "ship" is anchored to the bottom. They'll drown while you demand the sea lift you up.)
@6 I am fine for the rest of the year, as my boss's lease runs up at the end of the year...granted, trust fund granola eating liberal slime have no concern about leases because their wealthy parents can always bail them out, but real working class conservatives and libertarians have to think about this. And speaking of past comments, I have YET to read one explaining how this "socialist worker's movement of the people" will win Texas, where I am moving. Wendy Davis ran for governor on a progressive platform of raising the MW to $10/hour in Texas, and she LOST BY A LANDSLIDE to her GOP opponent. So, how oh how will the "socialist revolution" spread to my soon-to-be sunny home state? Still waiting for an answer...
@7 In North Dakota, the minimum wage is only $7.25...but McDonald's pay there starts at, you guessed it, $15/hour:…
Why? Because they have a strong economy thanks to free-market economics. And if America is such a dystopia, why not MOVE? I hate living around these tofu eating, vegan, non-bathing liberal occutards, so I am moving to Texas at the end of the year. Why not move to Australia or, better yet, North Korea if you want a "socialist paradise"? And why we're at it, why can't Sawant go back to India?
@11: "Why? Because they have a market boom thanks to hydrofracturing making large deposits of oil suddenly accessible."
Fixed that for you. (Also, ND has a huge housing shortage due to the suddenness of the oil boom, so even workers pulling in fat fat paychecks can't find a home and are living in their cars.) Get your facts straight next time, before you go spouting off a bunch of bullshit.
And fuck sake, stop demanding that brownish American citizens go back to whatever country they're from, you stereotypically ignorant yokel.

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