Sally Clark Takes a New Job at the University of Washington, Will Leave Council April 12


So they hired Sally to try and smooth over the fact that UW is breaking wage laws in Seattle?
She is not a good writer.

I figure she is a good fit.
Arg. Is that really where people's tuition money should be going? To create b.s. sinecures like "director of regional and community relations".

What a world.
"Listening to concerns" as part of her new job? Clark will be great. If there was a Pandora channel devoted to it, she'd fall asleep to it every night.
@4 UW gets revenue from a lot of other ways than tuition. Fun fact: UW is one of the largest land owners/landlords in downtown Seattle.
North Seattle wishes her the best. As a UW alumn, I know this: she'll be in good company: the UW administration is a pack of strivers gathered together in tightly-messaged corridor of falderal.
Our own Sarah Palin, Seattle-style.
$155K for doing nothing is a good step up from $120K for doing nothing.
@8. Hmmm. That's bellow the belt. Butt.... if you run for office and the people that do actually vote for you rightfully expect that you should fulfill your commitment... and then [suddenly!!!!] an ex-girlfriend offers you an all-expenses paid trip to the Borg colony with gold-plated benefits.... maybe you could at least act like you didn't win the lottery? Just saying!
this is such a douchey move for not that much of a raise....after taxes especially. i liked her very little on the Council, and much less now.

and heres another waste of money at UW. what a joke.