Chelsea Manning Joined Twitter This Morning



Since when is a given name a basic biological fact? maybe I'm confused
@3: Correct. SHE is a traitor.
@5 sure, Manning has XY chromosomes (see the twitter handle), but names are not inherently gendered or sexed (I mean, that should be obvious). What you are saying is that you don't think someone with XY chromosomes should be able to go by the name by some arbitrary string of sounds. That's a very strange stance to take if you think about it.

Also, posting that a set of pronouns demands a particular set of chromosomes is equally absurd and arbitrary. A male bird, say a cock, doesn't have XY chromosomes, yet we still use 'he' for it, right? If you want to go the linguistico-biology route in your argumentation, you're in for are gonna eventually just say totally arbitrary things.
Thing Chelsea Manning also has more of than me: years in prison. I think I'll be okay.
I was skeptical that it was actually her, but it's announced on the Free Chelsea Manning website.…
Sorry for my probably inept use of profanity, by the way. Being fluent in English I find little use for them in my communications with others. I leave them to the poorly educated or irredeemably low class, really.
Wow! Fastest censor in the west!
You folks are really terrified of any opinion but yours over on Cap Hill!
Seattleblues, please note that your last two comments have, in fact, been allowed through because they did not contain hate speech. Perhaps you could use this opportunity to gain a more nuanced understanding of what actually causes some of your comments to be pulled.
@14: Thank you for seizing a teachable moment. I hope that it's not in vain.
@13: Stormfront misses you when you post here.
@15 - Oh, it will totally be in vain. Nobody can teach SB nothin', cause SB knows it alllll....
@ 12 - People like William Shakespeare, James Joyce, and Mark Twain?
@12: Why apologize for ineptitude only in your use of profanity? Shouldn't ineptitude in argumentation be more concerning to you than ineptitude in swearing?
you can tweet from prison?
@ 21 - She's probably smuggling her tweets out to WikiLeaks.
@ 19 - Small mind, small concerns.
@20: Every piece of his person is defined by his hatred.
Lighten up on @Seattleblues, you guys - we're the only friends he has.
@ 25 - So true.

Using the gender accurate pronoun for a person is hate speech? But not lumping all Republicans as evil, or all churches/clergy as child rapists or anyone who disagrees with your president as racist?

See, young lady, you may be able to fool yourself with that tissue thin veil over your intolerance for ideas you don't like. But not anyone else.
@27: Misgendering a person comes from a place where you're trying to belittle them. So yes, it's your attempt to sleaze out here. Somewhere in that little lizard brain of yours you understand that you're doing it out of hate, and your fake wife would know this if she existed.
"intolerance for ideas you don't like"

Intolerance for hatemongers is not intolerance for people who were born different. You weren't born a pile of human garbage, you have to actually log into the slog every day to ooze your hatred out. You make effort to be a worse human being. This is your life.
"But not lumping all Republicans as evil, or all churches/clergy as child rapists or anyone who disagrees with your president as racist?"

Irrelevant, seeing as I know good republicans. Good churches that don't molest, and people who can agree without being labeled as racist.

None of these things make you anything but a scummy internet troll.

The way you throw the word hate around I'll assume you don't own a mirror.

And I've never "misgendered" anyone. If a child tells me they're a pirate or a dragon or a princess I'll play along and enjoy their flights of fancy. But there's a word for adults who insist others share their denial of biological reality- delusional. I can and do feel sorry for someone so hurt or ill that they do so. But share their delusion based on that sympathy? No.
@31 just becuase you don't understand something doesn't make it invalid. It's amazing how willing you are to share your stupidity.
29-30: SB doesn't understand science undead, and he never has. See his comment @31for example. Well, see any of his comments regarding anything scientific really. Do you remember that time he swore up and down that no one could ever know why his dog did what it did? And we had to point out that little field of study known as Animal Behavior?
Yeah, good times.
He's not very bright, he's mean spirited and selfish, and he is frightened by the rapidity with which the world is changing and leaving him behind. So as hateful as he can be, and boy howdy can he ever be a nasty piece of shit, all we have to do is wait.

He lives in our world now.
@ 33 - "He's not very bright, he's mean spirited and selfish, and he is frightened by the rapidity with which the world is changing and leaving him behind"

Developmental psychologist Jean Piaget once defined intelligence as the capacity to adapt. That says all we need to know about SB.

But as you say, he lives in our world now, and that's what gets him so worked up.
@34: :)

Do you know, I begin to get a vague sense that you don't like me?

I don't know if I'll be able to go on.
@36: Aww sweetie how could I not love ya? You're Slog's favorite chew toy!
Now get on back to that egg hunt and be grateful that your high entertainment value is keeping you from being banned out right.
@36: "I don't know if I'll be able to go on."

And yet you keep finding yourself here. You sure have strange hobbies for a gay-hater.
Given that prisoners in Federal prisons, especially the Disciplinary Barracks at Ft Leavenworth, don't have access to computers, and certainly don't have possession of smartphones, I seriously doubt this is actually Chelsea Manning. Don't believe everything you read.