CNN Freaks Out over Gloria Steinem’s Participation in North Korean-Sanctioned Peace March


The United States should have one position with regard to most countries...decidedly neutral.

We are only 4% of the Earth's population, and we need to start acting that way.

If it weren't for our loud swashbuckling, would we -- a middle sized nation of 300 million, with a domestic economy that can meet nearly all our needs -- be the target of so much terror and rage?

It doesn't make sense any more to pull tiger tails if the only result is getting eaten by a tiger.
Free Gloria now, Kim!

(just getting started early)
Ms Richards,

First, this isn't about wealth inequity. It isn't some people eating better than others. It's about some eating and others barely doing so. It's one city with power, water, sewers and so on, and the rest of the non military areas not.

Second, so long as the crazy dynastic dictators run North Korea reunification is impossible. The South will certainly not give up their political agency to a short nut with delusions of grandeur. And the tiny crazy man won't give up his power for reunification.

Nor is this red baiting or McArthyism. It's the US caught by our alliances in an untenable situation with no easy solution. Now that they have nuclear missiles the North Koreans could eliminate Seoul with little warning, so overt action is impossible. Just leaving is impossible. All we can do is watch and hope Nutjob Junior dies young or the North Korean citizens grow a pair and get rid of him.

Just because a feminist is involved doesn't mske a thing smart or even defensible.
I've read some interesting things on Korean reunification. SK politicians talk about it a-lot, but (reputedly) the people haven't shown much in the way of kindness to the NK refugees who make it there.
NK is mostly contained. If they're not invading or firing nukes at SK, leave them be (& keep mocking them for being the farce of a nation that they are).
Just because CNN is reporting on what is clearly controversial doesn't mean CNN practicing McCarthyism. I would call this a pretty even-handed report, talking to people with a variety of viewpoints.

But then, that would be pretty foreign to a Stranger reporter. Better to just ignore those who don't agree with your point of view.
If anything, Steinem should be raging about that poor woman in Indiana who got railroaded by their (In)justice system and received prison time for a miscarriage while trying to end a pregnancy. Social Justice begins at home lady.
I initially assumed this must be Charles Muede given its "North Korea is unfairly maligned" theme, but apparently he has a protege.

So here are some things Kathleen remains ignorant of:
1) North Korea insists that the reunification be on its terms with Kim Jong Un as the leader of the entire peninsula. So the idea that reunification would mean North Korea is integrated into South Korea is ludicrous, and the idea their support of the march are "green shoots" of reform is laughable.
2) As pointed out by Frontline, Kim Jong Un is systematically purging members of the North Korean leadership he feels are too reform oriented.
3) South Korea is wary of reunification with the North. Look at how the reunification of East and West Germany had gone: extremely expensive and large animosities still remain. Depending on whether you see the division as beginning with the Cold War or the construction of the Berlin Wall, they had 20 to 40 years of division with the East controlled by a semi-competent government.
The Korean Peninsula has been divided for nearly 60 years, with the North governed by a batshit-barking-at-the-moon crazy family dynasty. The only people that have strong family connections on both sides are in their 80's and South Korea is over 50 times more prosperous than the North. Right now, many people in the South view reunification with the North with the same enthusiasm as Republicans view a unification of the US with Mexico.
Seattleblues actually has a faint glimmer of truth in one of his posts, it is a miracle!

North Korea's idea of "reunification" is South Korea accepting the godhood of the dictator, and the complete destruction of South Korean culture and governance. As long as one side is completely insane, no deals can be possible.
Seriously, I think that might be the single most lucid thing SB has ever said here. In fact, I think I... largely... agree?

This is a very weird moment.
For all my usual ridicule of Seattleblues's posts, I find myself in agreement with this one. Well put, Junior!
Goodnight SB, good post, most likely flame you in the morning.
"Why this blatant lack of self-awareness in the media is perpetuated unchecked is beyond me"

You do know you work for the Stranger right? The same paper that sent unpaid interns to cover labour protests? The same paper that loves density and loved Vancouver development until it started happening on the hill? The same paper that criticized the T-Mobile CEO for saying other phone companines are "raping" their customers, and yet published a piece saying the EU is "raping" countries with Austerity. The same paper that railed against a tip credit for the 15 min wage and is now SHOCKED, SHOCKED to find out that tips may go down due to the 15 min wage. The same paper that has expressed over and over again that freedom of speech does not mean freedom of criticism and yet cries like a baby when people criticized Ryan "The REAL DEAL" Boudinot dickish article. The same paper that points out how other companies in the area lacks diversity and yet has a very white staff (Seriously, is it that hard to find a PoC to put on staff??) Etc Etc Ect.