Washington Senators Are Trying to Pressure the Feds into Enacting Oil-Train Safety Rules... Now



“The tank car is not the silver bullet. You cannot really design a tank car to withstand the derailment forces in a derailment, and so you can’t get the risk down to zero,” Simpson said. “You’v e got to look at the other factors, and that includes derailment prevention and ensuring (that) the materials have the proper packaging, and also educating the emergency-response personnel in the cities and villages along the right of way.” Tom Simpson, president of the Railway Supply Institute, which represents tank-car owners and manufacturers.
And how do we cut derailment risk? By enforcing railroad health and safety regulations.
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How do you like being serfs instead of citizens?

Oh, wait, serfs have more rights
I don't understand something: is this oil train stuff something new? I'd never heard about them until last few years. So if it is a brand new way of moving oil, what happened to change things?