There are times when you just want to bathe in the tears of your enemies. Obtaining said tears is much easier said than done, but Daintree, a paper company based in Dublin, Ireland, is working to provide its customers with the next best thing. In anticipation of Ireland’s controversial upcoming referendum on marriage equality Daintree’s begun selling “A Shred of Decency,” confetti made from homophobic leaflets that are being shared throughout the country... Bags of the repurposed hate speech are already selling for €5 a pop and Daintree says that all of the proceeds from A Shred of Decency will go directly to Yes Equality, a pro-same sex marriage organization.

Okay. Daintree’s a-fucking-dorable video had my tearing up at my desk. Now if only something similar could be done with the all the hateful blog posts and all the lying tweets pumped out by antigay haters here and abroad on a daily basis.

Ireland votes on marriage equality on May 22.