An Important Not From U.s. Department of Justice


I was nearly convinced until I noticed they ended the third paragraph with a preposition.
@1 You win the internet.
Back when terrorists used hand grenades and AK-47s, in person, to do the deed, I'd prattle on about how much worse it would be if they some imagination and technical skills. Then the USS Cole and 9-11 happened and I stopped arguing that point - it had been made.

I still point out that when the Nigerian scammers with time on their hands, low hourly wages, and lack of law enforcement start to partner with US-born English majors (also with time on their hands and low hourly wages), it will change the face of scamming.
Love the fact that your Department of Justice as a Gmail address. Don't they know the NSA is spying on those?
I meant "has" a Gmail address. If I keep making spelling mistakes, they'll all think I'm the one who sent this email...
Sad thing is, some people will fall for this, especially those from the lovely states that want to keep their voters ignorant and gullible by teaching them BS from the bible. Sigh, I really hope they don't get older people on fixed income. Humans are the suck!
"we got the not on our desk this morning"

I have not read a finer line on the internet in days.
I think "Mascott" is an adorable name.

For a dog.
@4 That is actually intentional. the low quality of scam and phishing email is to filter for stupid targets. People who are dumb enough that the follow-up money extraction scam actually works.
@10: interesting. Because getting them all the way to sending the money order requires a very gullible person? It makes me wonder if a similar concept is at play in ads for personal-injury lawyers.
Dan, this is a cutesy chuckle post, suited for new hires and interns at The Stranger. Your stature is above that. I'd rather you spend that time on something else - that you're so good at. If we start seeing your name on silly stuff like this, it makes us thing that you have fewer interviews to grant, publicity shoots to prepare for, and planes to catch - and that's kinda depressing.
@12 Because the illustrious Dan Savage cannot be a human being, who feels like posting something funny when he sees it? Or were you just trolling?
Ha! I knew it! You'll not escape the long arm of the law, Savage. Your spammy ways are coming to an end.
@4: My thoughts exactly. Typically these things are recognizable at a glance. Once in a while though I'll get one that's plausible and requires serious re-reading. I dread the time when they're all like that.
@13 - you're right - I'll take that back. Oh, and for the record, I never just "troll".
That was actually kinda charming.
Well, now we know what the ever-eloquent W has been doing in retirement.