The Gospel According to Aspiring City Council Member John Roderick


While declared, John still hasn't managed to register his campaign with City Hall. Also will the Stranger be providing 1000 word softball puff pieces to the other 39 candidates?
" You need affordable rehearsal space, affordable rent for people who have to work all day in order to pay for the privilege of working all night on their craft."

Alright, you've got my attention, Beardo
I just saw this blowhard Beardo in Ballard on his phone talking loudly while pacing in front of La Carta de Oaxaca a few days ago. It was as if he was campaigning to the street or something...and this interview really highlights how he's going to say a lot of nice things yet I am sure once he gets in (if he does that is...) he'll just turn into another Seattle democrat and nothing will get done.
I second that emotion, @1. Maybe the Stranger would consider also posting the other side of John's history in Seattle, which includes pissing off tons of people, never actually holding any type of grown-up job, and basically acting like a fourteen year-old brat in an adult's body.
And isn't he a writer for the Seattle Weekly?
OK, we know about his #1 issue. What about #2. Or does he even have one? We sure don't know from this article.
#6 - Yeah, it's a shame that this is the only article the Seattle media has (or will ever) write about him.
Ah, I see Tim Burgess' supporters are out in-force today...
@8, this has nothing to do with Burgess, these are legitimate questions. There are a bunch of people rallying around Roderick and supporting him without knowing the reality of his non-ability to function in professional situations. In addition, there's a chronic baby-disguised-as-full-male-adult problem in this city, especially in the music scene, and he practically leads the lot.