Why Did 100 People Camp for 24 Hours in a Chick-fil-A Parking Lot in Bellevue?


A Chic-fil-A is being built in Northgate. Apparently they're very tasty!
That is a lot of white people.

So is escargot, but I wouldn't want to eat it every day for an entire year.
same is said about most everyone who comments on Slog.
These people look like they can afford a chicken meal per week. Where are the homeless? The children living in poverty who goes to bed hungry and wake up starving?
The irony of sending infamously "pro-life" pizza to the protesters.
All I read was Chick-Fil-A.....Bellevue.

I'm driving up for lunch tomorrow!

I would get their sandwiches and waffle fries like crazy when visiting Colorado.

Speaking of chains we need more of here:

Panino's Italian food (with drive thru)
In 'n Out Burger

@4 true that!
Those of us that grew up there always referred to it as the Bellevue Urinal-American, rather than as written.
I was one of the first 100, and did the camp out with my 17 year old son who likes to eat and is almost 6 feet tall. I agree that although it was fun, we live in a comfortable place where few of us really know 'want'. While laying awake at 3:30 am and freezing in the 41 degree weather last night I couldn't help but think of the homeless. I've offered to "sell" my 52 free chicken meals to friends and family who will contribute $5 a pop to the union gospel mission, Fred Hutch for cancer research or to the humane society. I wanted to have a memorable experience camping out with my son since I'm a teacher and he and I are both in spring break. We had that experience and now we are taking it a step further with the idea that NOTHING tastes as good as an act of kindness feels.
Against my better judgement I ate a spicy breakfast sandwich. I just felt really fucking tired for 2 and a half hours. It's just fucking fast food fried chicken, people.
This is one of the dumbest things I have ever read. Made even worse by the comments. @10 is really gonna coordinate raising a whole $5 a week by "selling" a fast food meal. Yeah right. At least the thought of doing so makes you feel warm inside. After work last night I drove to the Union Gospel Mission and dropped off tons of food left over from an event.
Chic-fil-A is to chicken what Krispy Kreme is to doughnuts. Lots of hype around an average product. They'll be just another fast food place very shortly.
@12, Ezell's definitely has the best chicken. And their promotion of religion basically consists of innocuous general sayings such as "God is good" on the back of their employees' T-shirts. To the best of my knowledge Ezell's has never made a homophobic statement or given money to an anti-LGBT organization.
A golden ticket for Charlie and the chicken factory.
I can't wait to make out with my wife in this restaurant!

17 - OMG, Susan, yours is the only sane comment in this thread. Yes, please DO bring and make the fuck out with your wife ALL over this restaurant. Hell, I'm straight, but I might just gab and fondle the first girl I see.

Have people on here forgotten this chain's putrid anti-gay marriage stance just a couple of years ago? Are your attention spans that short?

Is this not The Stranger I'm reading?

These people are idiots. Fast food finding idiots who support a bunch of assholes. What is happening to my city.

First, it's not "your" city. You undoubtedly live on the West side of Lake Washington. Stay on your side of the lake. Us East siders don't really want your crap out here. Second, as yesterday proved, people like you are just the very vocal, incredibly shrill minority. The silent majority doesn't care about the politics of some guy who runs a corporation. The silent majority just wants good tasting food, which CFA provides in spades.

Know how many calories are in a CFA meal (sandwich, waffle fries, lemonade)? About 785. Perfectly reasonable. But keep on chirping about your superior humanity because of your absurd echo-chamber seeking "moral compass". It distracts from us having to hear about how it's not fair you don't make at least 30 dollars an hour to bus tables.
I have to say, the comments flying around here make me a little sad. While I know not everyone will always agree on everything, the amount of negative weight around people's words here is disheartening. All I ever want for myself, and for anyone else, is to be treated equally. To love, to cherish, to be who I am, while others can be who they can be.

If someone wants to patron CFA, that is their right and their choice. While not everyone may agree with it, that is what they have chosen to do. But a part of me is also disappointed in the LGBT community; seems we haven't made very good allies with non-LGBT people lately, and if anything, we seem to be alienating them. By doing so, it creates a rather conflictive atmosphere, one where we start fighting and moving away from a common goal instead of coming to understanding and collaboration about equal justice and peace for everyone. Understanding is a two-way street - and I feel this street is now full of potholes, roadblocks and hazards.

But I guess that's all a part of life right? Not sure how to make it better for all though...
@20 the silent majority doesn't care about equal rights? Leave it to bigots to tell you what other people think. And you're the one sounding shrill.
also pretty sure @1 is lying.
WTF is going on in this thread?

@21, You just joined The Stranger just to say you're disappointed in the gay community for not playing nice with a company that donates a portion of its profits to toxic anti-gay organizations? Seriously?
@24 - I'm looking at a bigger picture. I feel the LGBT community hasn't made enough strides to strengthen their bonds with non-LGBT supporters. Because of this, our allies freely patron companies such as CFA. Unfortunately, it's not important enough for them to stand up to these companies and help us in our path to equality. Another great example of this is what was happening to that pizza shop in Indiana. So many people supported what they said - and it seemed to drown out those voices who were asking to think about what they were saying and the repercussions to our society.
@24: I think part of why people find the opposition to Chik-Fil-A a bit ridiculous becasue while they are protesting a business for donating a (relatively) tiny amount of money to a distasteful group, they are doing so on phones and devices made by people who are more or less slaves, but since the slaves are not of the same tribe and people really like iPhones, no one cares. It is pretty hypocritical, really.

Apple is vastly more evil than Chik-Fil-A can ever hope to be, but hey, people like iPhones, right? So no worries!

My take anyway.
The standard Chick-Fil-A burger is a pretty average and non-special chicken breast on a bun. I'm really not sure why people go bananas for something that is probably on Jack-In-The-Box's "Value Menu" ... QFC beats it by miles.

But I wouldn't eat a fundy chicken sandwich anyway.
@26, "Why care about this one bad thing when this other bad thing is also happening?" You could say that about literally anything, and the issues you choose to compare are completely arbitrary. I mean, who cares about iPhone factories in China when the gasoline that powers my car funds regimes that oppress women and throw gay people off buildings?

For me it's a simple matter of being an informed consumer, not trying to take down a corporation. If I know a share of the profits earned from my purchase will fund gay conversion therapy, I don't want to give them my money. It's pretty straightforward stuff, and a lot of people make those choices based on which issues matter to them.
Well, there are Starbucks in Georgia, so turnabout is fair play right?
FUCK the Haters. They make a good sandwich.
@28: That is my point: it is a protest of convenience. it is easy to forgo a sandwich, but harder to forgo an iPhone, so it is perfectly ok to accept slavery if it gets you things you really want. Well, as long as the slaves are just some Chinese people anyway. If they were white slaves Apple was exploiting, something tells me Apple would have a much bigger problem.

If Apple was donating tiny amounts of money to an anti-gay group, instead of using thousands of slaves, would you protest Apple too? Or are Apple products good enough to make you forget that? Honest question.
Take a chicken breast and pound it into a cutlet. Divide it in two. Marinate it in pickle juice for 45 minutes.

Dip the cutlets in some egg mixed with milk, then some flour mixed with some spices and a little powdered sugar. Fry it in hot oil for about four minutes each side, and serve it on a toasted buttered bun with some sliced pickle.

That's your chick-fil-a. And you didn't even have to go to Blah-view.
@31, I'm not "protesting" anything. I don't eat meat and there are no Chick-fil-A's anywhere I've ever lived. I just get why people choose not to eat there.

If you get a thrill calling people hypocrites for making an easy choice as a consumer then have fun wiith that but the existence of other injustices in the world doesn't undo the fact thet Chick-fil-a donates millions to fundamentalist christian groups. As a fag living in this country that strikes a deeper nerve with me and my sense of "convenience" for reasons that seem pretty obvious to me but some straight dudes seem unable to grasp, ironically enough because it doesn't affect them. But that haughty indifference to issues that have no bearing on your dignity or quality of life has nothing to so with "convenience" though, right?

And for the record, if Apple also donated millions to anti-gay organizations I would avoid buying their shitty, over-priced products because it would be an extremely easy thing for me to do.
how does chik fil a know the chickens being feed to people were not gay chickens?
The sign from Kelly's first picture should say, "With whom are you in line?"

Some of us PNWers call it "bean bag toss" instead of "cornhole." It sounds less titillating.