We recommend that you dont touch this Citizen Dick single with a 10-inch pole.
We recommend that you don't touch this Citizen Dick single with a 10-inch pole.

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American author John Barth once wrote something to the effect that the true rebel is someone who always follows the law to the letter. In that spirit, the authentic record nerd is he/she who will try to hit every local music emporium possible on Record Store Day. If you're inclined to pursue that level of perversity, Seattle Vinyl Map can help you attain total market saturation on Saturday April 18, spotlighting 26 participating establishments.

If you're looking for more commentary on RSD, check out Emily Nokes's guide to the 10 RSD releases worth enduring the mob's dubious hygiene regimen for and Travis Ritter's helpful advice for avoiding RSD's duds.

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No matter where you were born, the color of your skin or who you love, all are welcome here.