This Is Not the Week I Expected to Have


I feel for you and understand what you are going through. I discovered a major scientific breakthrough on female sexual dysfunction. I tried to get a clinical trial, but because my approach was not a patentable pharmaceutical, could not get funding. My only approach was to write a popular book and get the word out that way, particularly during promoting the book. The only catch was that my publisher said that since I'm not a doctor, I would have to focus on my personal life, and the fact that at the time I was having fifty orgasms a day.

It was really, really rough. I had a little of what you are going through. Take comfort that fifteen minutes of fame only lasts fifteen minutes.
If it helps, I guarantee the idiot principal is getting more phone calls and emails than he (she?) Is comfortable with over this, too. And unlike you, he's a rookie at this.
Thank you. (that's all!)
You are a hero. It just gobsmacks me that the gym teacher doofuses that taught us sex ed back in the 70s relayed so much more - qualitatively and quantitatively - useful sexual education information - in the Old Confederacy no less - than what gets promulgated in public schools today.
you are absolutely needed. I co-produce a show in Austin about sex and gender, BedPost Confessions. We aim at adults and while the show is entertaining, ethics and educations are HUGE pieces of this work.

Teens in the midwest (Texas certainly) are being destroyed by abstinence only education so YES you are doing the absolute right thing and I could not be prouder to see another parent speaking up.

If there is anything we can do for you from Texas, let us know.

Julie Gillis
Mad props. I hope to be able to do the same (and inspire my kid to think the same) in the future. Complacency in mediocrity (or outright bad information) is a problem in many different areas of public schooling.
I don't seem to be able to edit or delete my own comments. I've been instructed there have been some issues regarding intersex identification and transgender identities with regards to Ms. Dreger which I had not known about. I'm doing some of my own research now. I'm all for sex ed and believe it's a moral fight to ensure our children understand their bodies fully, but I'm absolutely pro-trans support and not classifying kids as disordered for their gender identity or expression.

@JulieJezebel--after reading Dreger's recent book, she is absolutely pro-trans support too. And Dreger has been a champion of intersex rights for many years now.
I should add that my partner is transgender, although not transsexual, so I am interested and informed about trans issues.