Woo Girls Get Some Wheat Paste: What Does This Poster Really Mean?


"Those types of people do not belong here" is always a bullshit argument, not matter who is saying it, and deep down everyone knows it.
#1 yeah, anyone who says or thinks that doesn't belong here
About the only housing in SODO is for sex offenders.....
Serious question: is there ANY square block in SoDo zoned for housing?
The o
Probably not the most clever retaliation poster, but I definitely prefer it over the original.
Criscitello's rhetoric annoys the fuck out of me
Oops, I meant to say, "The only cool parties in Seattle happen in SoDo. Please send them somewhere else."
@1 It doesn't even make sense as an anti-gentrification argument to take it out on the people who move in. By the time someone has been kicked out of their apartment and it's been converted to condos, it's too late for the original renter, they're already long gone. What's the prospective buyer supposed to say, "I refuse to buy/rent here and you should bring those old residents back!" ... Oh please. If they wanted to take it out on someone they could at least target the developers and landlords, at least they'd be aiming in the right direction.
That'll fix it.
yeah...This poster was the most limp dick attempt at a burn ever! Or retaliation? Or whatever this is supposed to be, It's not creative, and definitely not clever? there's seriously no where to live in sodo lol unless you want to stay in a crack motel, or you can afford some super nice industrial loft. Just shows that they are probably some clueless, out of touch, rich yuppie who just moved here and feels entitled to everything for instance our city... This bland form of vandalism really says it all haha even the graffiti or street art is getting gentrified!!! LAME.
Gay-hating Amazon bros suck at graffiti.
Of course we all know what would happen if this "advice" were taken to heart: in a few years SODO would become the "cool" part of town with lots of cheap artists housing, galleries, coffee shops, & a few burgeoning bars and restaurants, leading to eventual feature articles in the NYT, Wired, Seattle Met Magazine ("2019's Top Ten Happening 'Hoods!"), and BoingBoing.com. Within a few months the bars will be overrun with the younger siblings of the current Bro's & Woo Girls, developers will see opportunities for profit & start tearing down the dilapidated industrial warehouses, and the whole process will start all over again; just as it always does. And then the artists will bemoan the gentrification, and a new generation of gentrifiers will tell them to move to Riverside (which will still be mostly above sea-level by the early 2020's) or at least Top Hat.
I think it means go to that woo club on 1st by the dispensaries? Or go to clubs in LA?
They're the ones who look like jersey shore reject bro-hos, but apparently WE'RE the ones who belong in Los Angeles.
Maybe it's ironic. That's how I read it, anyway. Whatever the case, I welcome the rhetorical, dialectical graffiti. I hope this trend spreads.
@#1: A few small-minded, idiotic people being around here is not the issue. THEY'VE TAKEN OVER. The hill is now littered with little more than the J Crew version of hipsters taking photos of themselves in sanitized boutiques. Not even the fancy, put-together Ballard-yuppie version of hipsters. Compared to this new breed, those guys seem crusty. I long for the presence of hipsters now. Because now it's all just scoffing yuppies and their spawn. If you don't see how bad that is, and what is being lost, then you're ignorant too and deserve to be overtaken by the vacuous void their dominance always brings. Enjoy the sports bars and hate crimes soon to come. Hell. Why not just turn Capitol Hill into one big outlet mall? We - the artists, freaks, musicians, lgbtq community and other general outsiders and free-thinkers - don't wanna move to SODO or some other place and start all over again. Because once we've made something of it, the yuppies will just push their way in again. Why? Because WOO girls and yuppies of the like are attention whores. They can only cannibalize on each other so long before they need to go where they can make a real splash, where there's a culture shock - to the areas where counter culture thrives. Where their values aren't upheld and people will notice (albeit negatively) their presence. There's no other reason for a WOO girl to be standing outside of the Comet (well, perhaps the Comet as it was 3 years ago) other than in a desperate attempt to fill the pathetic void inside her with the warm validation of other people's attention.
@7: It's incomprehensible. Even of you disagree with the original. It makes a specific statement. I can't tell if this is a dumb crusty or crankypants bro.
Attn: Artists, freaks, musicians, lgbtq community and other general outsiders and free-thinkers, move to White Center.

"...other than in a desperate attempt to fill the pathetic void inside her with the warm validation of other people's attention."

Yes, quite unlike you Capitol Hill special snowflakes. Cap Hill is basically a ludicrously expensive Olympia rip-off filled with painfully self-righteous snobs who think their little white upper class enclave is the cultural Mecca of the fucking world. For all this talk about the eeeevil tech workers and woo girls you pricks still outnumber them 10 to 1. I don't know what you're so concerned about.
@18 I dunno, it seems pretty clear to me and also takes the conversation away from a group "us vs them" to a more direct "me vs you".
I'm pretty sure someone was literally piling on the criticism of woo girls (and other woo people). Everyone knows LA is woo mecca, so clearly the original poster would not want to move there. I'd prefer to assume that these latest posters aren't stupid, just unintentionally destructive and their message got taken completely the wrong way.
Come on, guys. It's a poster, not the Ninety-Five Theses. Let's get back to something important.
The Salton Sea would be a good place to settle. No one will ever want to move there.
@13 fuck it lets do it then.
@21 I had never thought of Capitol Hill as an overpriced version of Olympia, but now I will always do so
@13, 27
Form a gentrification investment group, buy up properties, pay cool people to move there and make the place hip, reap profits when yuppies move in, repeat.
I've spent my whole life moving to get away from things that may harm me, or simply get in my way.


Much as I would secretly like to live the life of a 1%er, I seriously doubt I have sufficient business/familial connections to attract the kind of investment capital required for such an endeavor.

Plus, all my artist friends would hate me...

Much as I would secretly love to live the life of a 1%er, I seriously doubt I have sufficient business/familial connections to attract the kind of investment capital required for such an endeavor.

Plus, all my artist friends would hate me...
I, for one, welcome our tech bro overlords. It is only by being forced to walk past gallery openings, vomit puddles, and queermos that they will be infected with the weirdness that is desired.

(and yes, vomit puddles have long been a staple of capitol hill. You'd like to think they are produced by the woo tang clan, but they've been on the sidewalk as far back as I can remember. Part of the charm)
We're moving in with MORE money trhan you. And buying your buliding. And kicking YOU out of "Your Own Neighborhood". So now, all you can afford is SODO.Or, move to Los Angeles. So Git! See YA!!
I came here to read salty comments and I was not dissapointed.