Occupy Activist Running for Southeast Seattle Council Seat Against Bruce Harrell


If this guy really wanted to make a statement, he'd push for the secession of South Seattle so that it becomes its own city.
@2 Whoa....
Anyone who supports rent control shouldn't be taken seriously.
@2, wow Bruce, that was quick.
@2 I worked with the guy a few years ago. That statement is true.
Jeezus Upthegrove, is this another of your clients? What do you do, troll through your frequent stomping grounds in court?
Nice photo on dude. Went to his website. Oh yeah, he would make a great politician. Already lying. He talks about his criminal stuff about not filling out a police report 15 years ago..makes no mention of his DUI charge that was recent. Yea, let's go with this lying sob.
I know Joshua Farris. He's intelligent. He knows policy and he's willing to take the risks to help those in our community in need. He can bring a fresh perspective on housing policy and helping the poor. It's going to take boldness to deal

@2, First off, stigmatizing someone with PTSD who fought illegal wars *for us* is shameful. Veterans fight for you. They come home. Then they're stigmatized for baring the scars of wars we sent them to.

Second off, there's a massive difference between petty criminality and non-violent civil disobedience. I can't speak to the DUI (not that any politician has ever gotten a DUI, like, you know, former presidents), but those other charges you mention relate to non-violent civil disobedient actions which he did to help people out in our community that were being kicked out of their homes.

Drastic action is needed to not drive the poor out of the city which includes NVCD when politicians, like Bruce Harrell, fail to deliver.
Bruce has done a lot for the poor as a result of his work the past 5 to 6 years advocating the use of police body cameras. Remember that the police and their supporters, as well as others, put up fierce opposition to his camera initiative? He was the only one who believed in their benefit. Now when one of these deaths occurs involving the police the city affected immediately begins using the camera ( See Ferguson and the recent NC town). Since the victims in these cases are never wealthy, I feel comfortable saying this work of Bruce's has benefited the poor and disadvantaged.
@5 amazing how the thin blue line protect their own
Josh Farris is an activist who has dedicated his life to social justice. There is a vast difference between a career politician such as Bruce Harrell (who does not shy away from taking corporate money) and a dedicated activist who takes great risks for the disenfranchised. Josh as an activist in SAFE (Standing against forclosures and evictions) is instrumental in fighting to keep people housed with many successes (see the SAFE web site). Josh does not take money or his marching orders from the1%.
I know him personally as a fellow fighter for social justice. He is a brave person and cares deeply for the ordinary people.
I have witnessed Josh Farris do more good for his community than most politicians have attempted to accomplish in a lifetime.
Here are some examples: He helped hold the city accountable for repairs to city sewer lines, saving a number of homes in the central district from further damage. He has fought for the rights of homeless people in Burien. He has helped many people avoid illegal evictions. He has struggled alongside homeowners in their fight to keep their homes.
This man is an asset to his community.
Doesn't the style book for Stranger news coverage require you to call him an Occuptivist?
Josh is a great human been who truly care for the people around him. He has been the leader organizer of SAFE full time for almost 3 years without getting a penny for doing it.
It is pretty ease to criticize and to judge someone when you read something in the news or in a newspaper or other media, what it is not easy is doing what Josh is doing. He is dedicating most of his time that is his life, because (time is equal your life, every single second, minute or hour of time you spend doing something is a second, minute or hour of your life). My point is that Josh is the type of human been that not just, he want to see a better society but that he is fighting every day to get it. So it is ease to judge or criticizes by writing a comment here as I say before! What it is not ease is getting out of your conform zone and start to fight and advocate for people who need it and do action as Josh is doing every day. We need people who truly care for the people they represents, but if you want to keep having the same types of politicians that just care about themselves and never do anything that put them on risk(Bruce Harrell) to protect others as Josh have done before and keep doing; it is out to you to keep having them? We need people in the city council that is representing the people now, without having a city title and that we are sure they will keep representing the interest of the people when they get the title of city council, People as Josh that is not willing to represent the interest of the corporations as usually most politicians does. JOSHUA FARRIS FOR CITY COUNCIL, DISTRICT 2!!!!
And if you are against what I wrote here; just tell me, what had you done for your community?

Harrell isn't a white guy with union ties, so he is fair game. Let's try and use his football scholarship - since he is multi-racial that's probably why he got through college - against him. And the only evidence of being beholden to corporate interests we need is the word of the hard-hitting Stranger entertainalist, and shill commenters.
I have a close family member who was seriously injured by a drunk driver. @16 You are not a great human being when you are drunk and get behind the wheel. It means you have no regards for others.
Hey @2 – you left out the details when you stated, “In 2014 a woman feared for her safety from him and filed an Order of Protection against him for Harassment.”
This Protection Order came about as a result of a demand letter delivery by SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction) members in protest of the eviction of Byron Barton and his family from their home. The letter was read aloud at the offices of Triangle Properties. If you follow the news at all from under your rock, you should remember this story. It got a lot of media coverage.
The Protection Order was, in fact, a tactic by Triangle Properties to keep two SAFE members from protesting at the Triangle Offices and in particular kept them from protesting within 300 feet of the Barton home. The court battle was heating up at that time as well and SAFE was doing press conferences at the KC Courthouse and this Protection Order was supposed to keep Josh out of the Courthouse too.
When the court hearing for the Protection Order happened Triangle, didn’t even bother to appear and the case was dismissed.
Go peddle your disinformation somewhere else.
I have no respect for anyone who supported the Occupy events.
They were pointless.
They weren't protests, they were squatters with entitlement who would rather sit in a tent and demand something for nothing instead of working for it by the sweat of their own brow.
The Occupy movement was helping to illustrate and draw attention to the incredible economic injustice done to the people by a small group of elite bankers for example. Over 30 TRILLION dollars were stolen from the people by the federal government and given to the big banks. The biggest heist in history. Done to us. 40% of our national wealth is held by 1% of the population. This thievery continues. This has contributed to an immense increase in poverty and homelessness. The Occupy movement broke through the lies about -its our fault we’re poor. The sense of entitlement comes from the super rich. Its up to us to fight back and to speak up. Did the bankers get trillions from us by the sweat of their brow?
His ideas may be sound but when he spoke at the Park Board meeting about the Smoking Ban he was vitriolic and abrasive. Councilmember Sawant holds true to her ideals but has enough savvy not to act like a spoiled child. We would be better off with a candidate with progressive ideology and the ability to not throw temper tantrums. Grown ups for City Council!
Josh Farris has a clean criminal record. There was no DUI. There was a reckless driving charge that was dismissed in 2013. Anything else is protest related charges. He has no convictions on his record and the post that claimed he did was a low blow smear campaign effort. Josh Farris fights for equality and against our corporate overlords and corrupt leadership. He represents just one of many of the 99%. Who best knows what the majority needs better then the majority? It's time for working class people to have a voice.