Carly Fiorina to Announce Run for VP… Er, President


You look like a buffoon when you spell it "bafoonery."
Morning Joe, sure. Where the female anchor blamed hip hop for making the SAE bros sing that lynching song. You don't think they would have given Fiorina a hint on how to answer, do you?
ha ha ha ha ha Putting her on the Republican ticket would be seen as a slap in the face to women and Hilary would win an even greater share of the woman's vote. She would be worse than Sarah Palin.

But please proceed Republicans.

Maybe you can also nominate Ted Cruz in an effort to win Latino voters. Hahahahahhahaha
This circus gets better every day. I can't wait to see who gets the chance to run against Hillary.
The most expensive and absolute worst computer i ever bought, combined with the absolute worst customer service of any product I've ever bought. was, of course, an HP laptop during Fiorinas regime.

I won't bore you with the THREE FUCKING MONTHS it took them to send a replacement, which also crapped.out within weeks, but I don't give a crap about how well spoken the woman is compared to the rest of the Republican clown car.
Democrats nominated a woman for vp over 30 years ago.

Anyways, the normal thing to do in selecting a VP is to pick one that balances some perceived shortcoming in the main candidate. Or to get some more votes in the VP's home state. California isn't going to go GOP no matter what and its tough to see what shortcoming she could balance. So if you want to make a bet on her being the GOP nominee for VP, I'll give you odds.
Take every cliche complaint about Clinton and multiply it by ten. You get Fiorina. Read first-hand accounts of people who have done work with her and they all go back to the same points. She doesn't listen. She tries to ram her way through in spite of facts and data.

This woman is the George W. Bush of the tech world. She took one of the greatest companies in the history of the country-- basically the company that built silicon valley-- and turned it into a smoking slag heap in an unforced error.

Meg Whitman is somebody I would like to see more of... She is the anti-Carla. By all reports, she listens, thinks, and searches for data. She's got a bit of a bad rap recently because she's been trying to put HP back together again.... sort of the Obama to Fiorina's Bush.
She didn't care about saving her job, because they paid her tens of millions to be fired. She is set for life financially, in spite of her own massive incompetence. She represents everything wrong with corporate America.
She did not climb the HP corporate ladder as the post stated. She climbed the AT&T corporate ladder. After leaving a job as a secretary and office manager at a small business firm, she started at AT&T right after the Bell System was broken up in the mid a telephone system sales rep. Within ten years, she rose to a the level of division Vice President during the telecom and boom of the late 90's. (I used to work for her.) In the mid 1990's, AT&T was broken up again into Lucent Technologies, NCR and AT&T. She went with Lucent where she headed a few different business units. By 1999, she was offered the CEO position at HP due to her success leading the Service Providers Division of Lucent. She worked for HP for 5-plus years as the CEO. (Her only position at HP.) That said, there is no single reason to vote for her.
more importantly, did we ever figure out who acted as the sheep in this video?
*yawn* not a real contender. Next.
Being fired by the HP board could be seen as a positive endorsement. Carly's tenure as CEO was undistinguished at best and disastrous a worst, but HP is notorious for having the single worst board of directors of any major silicon valley company (up to and including the mute sock puppets who pretended to be independent from Michael Dell during Dell Inc's hilarious tenure as a publicly traded company), and the company's thirty-year downward spiral both predated her tenure and continued unabated after she golden-parachuted out.
Really look forward to her parternship with Guthy-Renker in 6 years, after she leaves her Talking Head gig to focus on "other opportunities"
Fiorina wants to do for America what she did for Hewlett-Packard