Governor Signs Bill Overhauling Washington's Medical Marijuana System


This was a good rundown, thank you Heidi.
Back to the Black Market or Prescription drugs for Medical MJ peeps... the Rec store want nothing to do with CBDs and pain relieving strains or pure concentrates. GL Everyone!
So it is expected that the prescribing provider specifies the amount of cannabis when there is little-to-no data available about dosing.

The bill has now limited access to both locations and amounts of medical marijuana and required patients to register with the state like sex offenders, but unlike users of the most lethal prescribed medications, narcotics. A victory for the right.

The left is happy because they can now tax the medication of medical marijuana users.

Both sides have clearly violated the will of the People, their employees.

The patients/pawns suffer.

Good work....
What a goddamn mess. This only reinforces my belief that Colorado's experiment is superior because it cut through all this regulatory bullshit and kept the prohibitionists and tax-and-spend know-nothing politicians/bureaucrats out of the process from the get. Feckless the lot of them.

Seconded. Today was a good day for posts with research, balance, and little to no neologisms.
@2: i'm not so sure. As a recreational fan of high-CBD strains, I know that Ganja Goddess, for one, can't keep them in stock. With the supply no longer going to Med stores, they should be able to.

we need more rec stores, however.
@6 at the medical store they sell both 4% THC stuff (which I believe uncle ike's sells under the name AC/DC) and 0.4% THC "no THC" stuff. Do they have the latter at ganja goddess?
@7: sometimes. they were out last time i went. as i said, the .4 stuff is hard to come by.
Well this is certainly going to help the black market just as much as it appears to hurt MMJ patients. What are the dispensaries supposed to do, beg established retailers to partner up with them or go out of business? What could possibly go wrong with that?

Other states are now looking at Washington state as an example of how NOT to implement marijuana laws. Our leadership has taken an industry that should be fairly simple to set up and maintain as a viable black market alternative and complicated it beyond belief so that it strengthens the black market while simultaneously hurting medical patients where it counts, in the wallet.

The Liquor Control Board ruined alcohol in Washington and these dimwitted idiots are doing the same thing to cannabis. I'd like to have a legal, affordable product and follow the law, I really would, but as things now stand, I cannot follow laws that make no sense, raise prices for all, and completely bypass the will of the voters who want marijuana to be legal.

In short, I will continue to do what I must to get what I need to manage my symptoms, even if it means breaking these stupid rules and laws. If retail marijuana supports this bill, then they are part of the problem, not the solution, and I therefore cannot support them in good conscience.
"502 will not effect Medical", how many times did we hear that? Now Twenty-Four legal ounces, what the medical law did allowed for, becomes Three? Fifteen plants becomes Four, fucking Four?!? No mention of any of that in this article? No outrage at a patient registry? At the Lies that ushered in 502, this pathetic law written by a clueless transplant lawyer? On the 502 bandwagon this paper either compliantly did the bidding of big business and lying politicians, or bought the lies flat-out. (Someone go tell Holden he got it very wrong) The Stranger owes it to voice dissent at this obvious outrage!!
How can anyone grow four (or six) plants and not violate the possession limit law? After four plants are over a few inches tall the grower will be in violation of the law, until months after harvest when they finally exhaust the supply down to an ounce.
Welcome back black market - gonna start growing more than I currently do because the bottleneck of only having one retail location in within proximity isn't going to supply the variety and quality I currently enjoy from my medical marijuana dispensary. Also, I really feel bad for all the MMJ employees who are going to be out of a job.
Wasn't medical marijuana just a lot of Mumbo-Jumbo used during Pot Prohibition so that people could get pot legally under the guise of having lumbago or a deviated septum?

This is like telling people, hey, wake up Rip Van Doper, you don't need Speakeasies any more, you can buy it next door.
@13 I once thought the same way, and to a degree that's true, but there ARE genuine medical patients and products that have no purpose in getting high, but work wonders for pain and joint relief. The problem is that a new, feeble, essentially untested system is trying to swallow a massive, established, well oiled machine - medical marijuana. It took years for "medical" to reach this stage, and frankly it's wonderful.

There is no telling how long it's going to take to get back to the same place we are today with access, products and prices - for many of us probably not in our lifetimes.
I'd have more sympathy for the Medical Marijuana folks if the industry had made even a teensy effort to reform some of the abuses that go on. For every patient who legitimately needs medical pot, there have to be a dozen who are just recreational users who get occasional headaches or something - otherwise, given the unbelievable number of dispensaries, we'd have to believe that there are a hundred thousand people in Seattle who need it. I believe a few thousand, but the rest is just bullshit, and the dispensaries rely on the bullshit customers, knowing damn well it's bullshit. How many don't check for prescriptions? (Many.) Come on: if you don't police yourself, you have to expect crackdowns like this.

I feel sorry for the minority of dispensary customers who have legitimate needs for it: they're screwed because of a fatal combination of greed and "law and order" authoritarianism. A pox on both houses.
@15 If cannabis cures the occasional headache (and it does) and someone wants to use it instead of Advil (which they do), what business does anyone have in telling them "no?" Cannabis is safer than anything you can get over the counter. Have you ever seen what happens to the stomach lining of someone who uses OTC painkillers over a long period of time? It isn't pretty.

I abhor all the judginess about who are "legitimate patients" and who aren't. Anyone who uses this as a medicine in any way, shape or form should have access to it. Even people with nothing more than occasional headaches. If it's helpful to anyone for any reason, who are we to tell them otherwise?
As a nation, we’re slowly starting to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. None of us would want our kids put in jail over a little marijuana. None of us would want the police to confiscate and sell our parents' home because they grew a couple of plants to help with the aches and pains of growing older. Let's start treating other people the way we would want to be treated.

We are American citizens! We can contact our representatives at:
Congresswomen and Congressmen:

Polite + Friendly + Responsible = Success!
So if you guys are honestly interested. This is an initiative I helped craft last year. That includes all the medical protections and safety procedures of the recreational market. As well as a board consisting of producers, trimmers, retail, patients, dept of agriculture, and medical professionals. It did not require a registry. Did free it from the liquor control board. Allowed for marginal licensing fees to cover the cost of regulation and board cost. How ever was required to post quarterly financials transparent to the public as well as stat revenue neutral. Please fleet fee to check it out and circulate it amongst your friends. It was registered before the law was passed so would take precedence. I urge you all to read through the long annoying well written piece of work. As it took allot longer to build and seek community voices in it's being crafted then it will take you to read. :) thanks
Well I've used it to keep the horrific pain of my fibromyalgia from tipping me over the edge to suicide for the past two years. It can help with the CPTSD too. If the medical market collapses before I find an alternate treatment there is a very good chance I will commit suicide out of desperation. Just another dead tranny I guess.
Yup this is fucked becuz it will fuck with the patients that need it like the ppl how have medical problems need it. The handy cap ppl who need it now have to go by it in stores. Who ever you are that thought about it and did pass this bill to make it a law u r all greedy jerry atrick ducks who want to dip the hands in everything all they and I mean they by the government! Screwed us all and u did is cause more problems somethings r ment to be fucked with u just couldn't let us be fuck u all who passed this bill u ignorant fucks
Finally time to make some money again, says the old dope slinger. thank you for sending the masses back to me. i was beginning to think you had won but nope, you lose. until you can get the price down to 10 bucks a gram with a high teen thc content, you lose, Losers,,,,,and the old dope slinger wins again......nugz,,nugz for sale ;)
when can we see a followup article on how the new 5052 will be hurting real medical patients, and the initiatives and referendums that are fighting to protect patients ?

Intitaitive 1372, Referendum 76. Sign the petitions, vote for them and STOP the state from taxing medicine. by 37.5% (estimated 25/25/25% in 502)