Thanks for trashing our college Oregon anarchist tourists! Even if the Mayor kept pushing you there
I love chicken wings. I can only imagine how delicious pork wings are going to be.
@1 I'm sorry, it's been proven by the booking records coming from anti police marches that these kids are local and even capitol hill residents. Suggesting this is an alien influence is just a way of othering a group the majority disagrees. I don't like the general application property crimes but stop fearing mongering. These are our neighbors.

I'm also gagging at all the cries of "white privilege". What really white privilege is the suggestion that there aren't white kids that are disenfranchised and getting left behind. I don't condone the crap that went on in my neighborhood last night and that goes for the police as well. But I don't have to like it in order to understand that the root cause isn't bratty or bored kids. That anger is real. I'm angry too.
@3 In the past there has been a group of anarchists that have travelled up to Seattle for the May Day smash-a-thon. I'm guessing that they still do.

That said, I don't care where they're from, sometimes people are just assholes. These idiots prove that fact yearly.
Total failure. No message was communicated. If anything it made the police look good for babysitting these knuckleheads. Basically, it amounted to a rally FOR riot police. It wasn't political action. It was political distraction.

Here is some local change that could set a national precedent and make Seattle look good instead of stupid.…
Yeah, it's hard to find a decent ghetto to riot in Seattle anymore with fewer and fewer poor around. Really, this march should be in Kent or University Place. Would have been more Seattle accurate if we had a video of some Lululemon clad moms whopping their badass progenies with their gigantic Dooney & Bourke tote.

But nah, that's like waaaaayyy too much work to tear them from swanky tapa and martini joints. We'll reserve Seattle public shaming with council members (and the only paper in town) ass whopping on fellow council member and favorite troll bait Sawant instead.

@1 Education is a tool of the patriarchy. That's why Pol Pot killed the teachers.
not worthy of comment
If you don't like cops, next time you're getting a Hipster.

(Take on a 1970s bumper sticker. Only then it said Hippie.)

To the "anarchists": I recognize that you're enjoying your annual LARP, but enough already. Either use your words to fight like the rest of us, or go home and get back to your GTA and Watchdogs.
@2 - Hmm, that sounds delightful. You could shape pork tenderloin into "bone" shapes and slow bake, and somehow come up with a crispy Buffalo Wing sauce glaze and put a little skewer through. Serve with a variety of dipping sauces and adult beverages.
@13 It's been done. McRib. Although to be fair no one is really sure what the McRib is made out of.
Actual journalism. A corrective to the pseudo war reporting from Fox, KIng, and Kiro.

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