Bourdains good taste extends to his love of the Stooges—especially Fun House.
You may find it hard to swallow, but Bourdain's quite fond of the Stooges' "Penetration." Tinseltown/

Tho' I like to eat, I've never paid much attention to author and TV personality Anthony Bourdain. I do, however, recognize his name and know what he seems to be THE fave foodie guy. Well, surprisingly, he's also a bit of a head who, like Jesus, LOVES the Stooges! Yup, and he recounts his high-school era affection for this past Saturday's Tumblr preview of his show Parts Unknown (last night's broadcast). It's brilliant to hear him explaining how only no-count "speed-freaks" and wanna-be mechanics were Stooges fans. And, if you publicly admitted to being a Stooges fan in his high school, your schoolmates assumed you were also a fan of the Velvet Underground and probably were shooting dope!

Support The Stranger those dying days of the 60’s, when you showed up at school actually carrying a vinyl album under your arm — to advertise the fact that you thought the Allman Brothers were awesome (they weren’t), or that you knew every note of Flying Burrito Brothers, or that you had the good taste and discerning nature to appreciate the works of Fairport Convention, carrying a STOOGES album under your arm set you apart. And not in good way.

Musically speaking, the years 1969 and 1970 were not good years for me. Raised on the Yardbirds, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Big Brother and Blue Cheer, I watched in mute horror as my friends and fellow enthusiasts melted away into the more melodic, thoughtful, easy listening arms of Poco, Gram Parsons, and Steely Dan, as well as various monsters of prog rock. Friends who, at age 16, could play “Purple Haze,” note for note — and well — were suddenly putting down their Telecasters and picking up pedal steel and dobro. It was a plague of tasteful arrangements and excessive musicianship. You could barely attend a musical event without enduring an extended bluegrass solo, or 35 minutes of some jerk in a cape noodling away on a Mellotron.

I'm impressed his taste for "pure" rock and roll has seemingly never softened; he's still mad at about his friends turning into hippies! Anyway, a starstruck Bourdain actually (finally) meets Iggy Pop in last night's episode, Parts Unknown: Miami. If you wanna watch a clip of them eating together, scroll down to "Eating Healthy With Iggy Pop"; you'll find it right after the "cow foot soup" bit. Oh, Bourdain closes his Tumblr piece by encouraging "anyone reading this to buy, first, the Stooges’ classic, Fun House, which functions as a reminder of what rock and roll should be about — has always been about: sex, aggression, rage, self-hatred, frustration, heartbreak, love, and the occasional burst of pleasure. Then listen to the song "Penetration," on their album Raw Power, and feel your face melt right off your skull." Fuck YEAH, Mr. Bourdain!

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