Woman Sues Homosexuals in Federal Court—All Homosexuals


laughed out of court, probably
Her seven-page, handwritten petition is pure madhattery.
Did God pen the Bible? Thought it was written by all those boy friends
of the J-Man.
If the judge has any sense, he/she will quickly throw this out of court before too much time and money is wasted on it. On the other hand, it would be fun to see Dan as expert witness for the defense.
@1: It wouldn't even make it on the docket.
Is God expected to make an appearance in court?
I mean, (1) she's got a standing problem - where's her injury? There's no generalized "they are sinners" standing; (2) her other standing problem is that she can't point to any specific "homosexuals alis gays" [sic] who caused her alleged harm; (3) she doesn't seek any specific remedy against anyone, which is a problem, given that courts are empowered to describe actual cases and controversies; (4) if she could get over (3) by making a declaratory relief claim (e.g. a declaration that "homosexuality is a sin"), it's still not specific relief for an injury to her.

So, quite apart from the nutcasery of the case, it's technically deficient in multiple ways . . . the question is, given there's no real defendant, will the court have the cojones to just dismiss it on its own motion?
I haven't been in the closet in decades.
What version of Christianity allows just anyone to claim to be an ambassador to God, et. al.? I thought you had to go through years of training, take a bunch of vows, and live in a coven or a convent or a bunker for a number of years first. I mean, if any follower can represent God in court, well, all hell could break loose!
Hi, God here. I'm speaking through this slog-reader. I wanted to tell you that I am being falsely represented and I plan to now sue this woman for defamation of character. Alright, gotta bounce. Love you all!
I'm not sure she has a full grasp of "separation of church and state". On top of what everyone said above, she doesn't even summarize anything. She just rambles fairly incoherently for a while then pleads with the court without actually saying what she is pleading for.

Part of me is laughing hysterically, while the other half is incredibly sad for her. She seems to be actually afraid we will all be destroyed by God over this. I get so pissed at the conservative religious leaders who play on this fear for self gain. They are scamming people for money, and doing it legally. I hope they burn in hell (except it doesn't actually exist).
What version of Christianity allows just anyone to claim to be an ambassador to God, et. al.?

The AMERICAN one, goddamnit!
God is a liar.
"She is representing herself in the lawsuit." Of course she is....

Considering how many people out there claim to "speak God's holy word" or whatever, it doesn't seem like many of the somewhat-more-organized religions have been doing a terribly good job of locking down those "ambassadorship positions" despite the rigorous protocols they may impose. Besides, didn't Yeshua say "God is in everyone" or words to that effect? If he's right, then presumably God COULD in fact speak through a bat-shite crazy old lady from Nebraska, so who's to say?
She should join the other homophobic Republicans in their Clown Car.
Who made the world?
God made the world.
Where is God?
God is everywhere.
The sum total of my recall of that little book those Catholics made me learn.
So. If God made the world, he made homosexuals. If God is everywhere, then he knows what goes down with his little children, and he's fine with it.
Why should I care if it is a sin?
@13: It's always puzzled me that Christians call Satan the "Father of Lies" when it was God who first told one in Genesis.
Yeah, but I kind of want someone to call her bluff. You know, get a lawyer and go up there and countersue on behalf of the English language for her atrocious use of apostrophes and numerous "there/their" errors. And also point out that "in the closet" doesn't mean you were actually hiding in a closet.
But in other news, today I saw a poll of what things people DON'T want to see in an elected official, and "evangelical" was above "homosexual."
@2 - She does have lovely handwriting though, Very pious looking.
Wow, someone that has out crazied basketball hoop guy!
I should probably feel sorry for a person so obviously suffering from some sort of mental disorder. Sigh.
As a Jew, can I sue bacon and lobster for being sinful and an abomination, while also being delicious?
What think y'all? Brain tumor? Rabies? Mad cow disease? Alzheimer's? Late-stage syphilis?
Subhumanblues's black wife lives in Nebraska? Who knew.
I don't know anything about the US law, but does God have standing?
This stuff is GOLD...better than that crap on TV!
I think that ostensibly "sane" antigay haters whose bigotry is Christian-based should be forced to explain how, exactly, their positions and arguments actually differ from this woman's.
Of course she's representing herself. No lawyer would touch this frivolous piece of garbage with a ten foot pole (well, except for maybe what's-her-name Phelps). See @11 above for a summary of the major deficiencies. Also, who the hell are the defendants? How is she gonna serve "the homosexuals" with process? Even if she did manage to get that far, a 6th grader could get this thing dismissed for failure to state a claim.
She says "sin" like it's a bad thing. I'd much rather live next door to a couple of sinners than a wife-beater or someone who plays records of really loud church organ music on Sundays (I did live next to someone who did that, in the 1980s).
Even if you take the Bible literally and believe that "abomination" crap (I don't), Sylvia is a MUCH bigger sinner than the people she's suing. Remember "Love thy neighbor as thyself"? Remember "Judge not, lest ye be judged"? Geeze, Louise, what a terrible Christian she is!

So right ! We've read the genesis book as a cultural endeavour my kids and I, and ever since their opinion on christianity is 'Who cares for whatever God is supposed to have said ? God is a liar !'.
My wife just suggested 'Homosexuals' file a counter suit against Jesus for hate speech and inciting hatred and violence.