Carly Fiorina May Regret Attacking Clinton's Accomplishments


I doubt Carly Fioria will ever regret anything from her massive mansion and piles and piles of disposable income.

Yeah, sure, but who's going to notice?

What many people don't realize is, she's been misspelling her own name all these years.
"You really want to go after Hillary Clinton on the "accomplishment" narrative? You really think that's where she's the most vulnerable?"

As if Carly's ever going to run directly against Hillary for anything.
Carol Florida?
Creamy Farina?
Carlene Fluoride-Ion?
She fucked up HP almost as much as the Cheney Administration fucked up the country.
Half the votes she get will be from people thinking she's Dennis Farina.
Well, the knives are out aren't they? Fiorina is the one (the only) GOP candidate who could seriously challenge Hillary.

Let's strip away the veneer of blue ribbons and see why.

Number One. Samuel Johnson. If you start with the "First Woman To.." stuff, well, that only works if Hillary is running against a mahn, baby. Then you can add in the whole Special Olympics aspects of Women candidacy.

But if she runs against another woman, then gloves off. And here's where Hillary could and should lose, because at the very core of Hillary's machinations is that she's an Old School Feminist. The kind where it's okay to ride a man's coattails because (back then) there was no other way.

Enter the Modern Era (ten years post-Hillary's prime) and suddenly you don't really have to add the "..for a woman" qualifier. Suddenly you do have women CEO's like Fiorina. And in that contest, Hillary is for lack of a better word...lame.


Not really.

The problem there was HP brought in Fiorina as someone who was supposed to have free reign to restructure.

By that time HP was full of engineers who thought their $3000 laser printers were just the best things going. So did their competitors...who were bringing the price down below $1000!

So after doing their dirty work, of cleaning house, she was let go, along with the blame (and did they rehire everyone after she left...hmmm?)

Yeah, it's called the free market.

@7 I'm not sure how you mean that. The Cheney Administration succeeded beyond all expectations (unlike HP.) What the politics did to this country has nothing to do with the "free market" enterprise he was overseeing.

Why shouldn't a woman get a shot at robbing the United States without fear of retribution?
What Clinton accomplishments?

I'm serious, name one.
@12- I'm no Clinton fan, but accomplishing nothing memorable is a much better record than being "That lady who destroyed a giant company."
In California, when you register for permanent vote-by-mail, you get the ballot nearly a month before it has to go into the mail to be counted. That's plenty of time to research issues even if you're starting from scratch, and still get the ballot marked and mailed. If Fiorina couldn't manage to vote in three-quarters of the elections she was eligible for, she wouldn't get my vote if she were the only candidate running.
Hillary "averted a World War ?" LOL. When you drink the Kool-Aid, you down the whole pitcher. Thanks for the laugh.