This Guy Found an Unexploded "Blast Ball" on Capitol Hill After May Day


Better or worse than leaving a rifle on the trunk of a patrol car?…

I'm going to go with "worse" because a grenade can easily blow off someone's hand. The rifle may not have even been loaded.
So we can expect their continued use?
@1, I know that was on the trunk of a police car, but if it had been left in a gutter NOW do you need to get a background check done to pick it up and take a photo of it ? I guess that means the rifle is more dangerous than the flash-bang grenade.
It would be quite a stunt if someone who found one of these got some lawyers and reporters together with them outside a precinct and just detonated it by the entrance or the garage.
I predict that the bartender will be charged with theft.
i want to poop on every SPD's chest
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. The answer to not having force or deadly force used against you is not to behave in a way that opens the door for another person to use lawful force against you. If you are in the presence of someone who is doing that, move away from them and the protest. We had two peaceful protests early in the day. The 1st Amendment gives the right to assemble and speak, not to break stuff, throw things at people, or swing things at people. If someone near me is doing stuff like that, I'm moving as far from them as possible, so its clear I had nothing to do with their actions, I did not aid them, I did not try and protect them after the fact.

That said, it is appropriate to ask if these, or any technology is the right fit for any tactical situation. We also have to ask if the alternatives are worse or better. A given technology or technique may have risks to suspects and by-standers, but the alternative technologies and tactics may be worse. We have to have reasonable expectations of technology and human performance. To expect either to perform without error is not reasonable.
Has it been determined that this grenade was actually the property of the SPD, say by means of a serial number? It very easily could have been a plant with the intention to bring criticism on the police department. Perhaps a more radical protester who had the intent of starting a full scale riot had to quickly ditch the grenade.
Riot? No. Mob? Maybe.
A Comment
this is not some shit you can go down to your local sporting goods store and grab off of the shelf…

WARNING: This product is to be used only by authorized and trained Law Enforcement, Correction, or Military Personnel. This product may cause serious injury or death to you or others. This product may cause serious damage to property. Handle, store and use with extreme care and caution. Use only as instructed

Authorization required to purchase this product. We will not be able to process your order without authorization.

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Mail: CHIEF Inc., Customer Service, ATTN: Restricted Items, 8604 Cliff Cameron Dr., Suite 105, Charlotte, NC 28269, USA
Military/police supplies are stolen all the time, sometimes by their own members, sometimes by infiltrators. No, they are not just passed out to anyone but I believe a determined person could acquire one. Most riots are started by small groups hoping that it will escalate into a full blown out of control melee. A lot of people show up hoping that this will happen, treating as one big party; some people come hoping for a chance to gather up all the loot you can carry. It can be started by people on either side of the issue at hand.
DUDE! You need to lawyer up like now and have the lawyer take care of it!
the police either threw an unarmed grenade OR one was stolen so as 'to bring criticism on the police department'

give me a fuckin break.
Sorry, no breaks. Right wing militia members, doomsday preppers and their assorted ilk are not the only ones; there are also left wing militants who have their own weapons caches in the ready for the day the "revolution" begins. A riot is a great way to get something started.
"Jerry Savage, a 46-year-old researcher, held up an exploded blast ball at City Hall on Wednesday."

i bet Mr Savage stole that grenade and exploded it just so he could bring criticism on to the spd.

you think militants are going to be using less than lethal grenades in battle against who exactly? trolls?
No, Mr. Savage found it. Listen, Orgasm, the whole story, to me seems a bit contrived and a bit too convenient for the occasion. But who really knows.
@18 a bit too convenient? the cops were throwing grenades around willy nilly but you're not so sure that the men in riot gear and loaded down with weapons aren't the ones that lost a piece of that gear, you think a regular everyday person decided to bring one of the exact same weapons used by the police and leave it in the gutter.

that's some good detective work.
No, not an everyday person. So, I guess you are absolutely right, Orgasm. So enjoy the day ahead and stop off somewhere for a slice of spongecake. I'll leave of here; you can write some pithy response and have the last word. Try not to be too rude. Adieu.
riiiiight, it wasn't an everyday person, it was some militant that wants to start a revolution by leaving a viable unexploded crowd control grenade on a city street to discredit the police which were actually harming people with them.

such a well crafted and ingenious way to bring criticism onto a police department that has a history of using excessive violent force against people.
Most of us protesters are peaceful. There are a few protesters that aren't peaceful.

Remember WTO!…
@22: True, but those minority of protesters ruin it for everyone and cause a lot of misery to a lot of good people.
Freedom is inconvenient

Police states are so much simpler
@23 Yeah they ruin it for everyone.…

Just like my parent's best man did back in the day.
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ more Ansel trollbait
Only a complete fucking imbecile (or a shill cop) would watch cops indiscriminately tossing flashbangs into a crowd, but then come to the conclusion that some other sneaky evil infiltrator probably brought that unused flashbang along just to make the cops look bad.

And then we have @georgeingeorgetown who just wants everyone to stay away from those nasty protests, because if you hang around those troublemakers, you're liable to get treated like a troublemaker. Run along home, now.

Real subtle, guys.