Police Reports Illustrated: Friend Request from a Thief


These are great!
*wheeze* It is actually called a TASER (it is a trademarked name) and a TASER is the type of electroshock weapon that fires two metal barbs attached to wires that stick in the victim.

A stun gun is the handheld close range weapon with the two metal prongs you have to touch to the victim's body. How dare you be wrong on the internet, Berry *wheeze*
I would really love to hear what they thought their brilliant plan was.

Hold on a MAN drove the getaway car!

Bill Cosby! Woody Allen! Mattresses at Columbia!

MEN are to blame...they are the instigators.

It must have been the DADS of those women who put them up to this.

Can we change the stranger comment formatting so the commenter name is first? That way I can easily skip anything SRotU posts. Similar to my Mudede nonsense post filter.
I love it when Bailo lets his rape apologist self out for all to see. He also blames underage girls when they get sexually assaulted. We all like to joke about how stupid Bailo is, but he is also extremely misogynistic and creepy.
I would love to hear what the cops did with their "freebie." Typically their reaction to such evidence results in them nodding their heads (if you're even that lucky), and then proceeding to not give a fuck.

At least that's been my experience.
My experience with SPD is that the "freebie" will go nowhere unless you e-mail the Mayor city council and bang on the table.
@3, see @7 for the "brilliant plan". Unless you're a newspaper columnist in the most read paper in the area (not The Stranger) or "connected" to the blue line (as in the case of that teen who helped crack the home burglary of his family's belongings - the father being an assistant US Attorney), they'll say "file a police report online and call your insurance company".
re @9, you'll be surprised to know that the N Cap Hill stolen items were recovered from a 20 year old suspect hanging at the McDonalds at 3rd and Pine who eventually went to the bus tunnel.
@7,8,9, Sadly true. Slim chance the SPD will follow up. I gave them the name, address, phone number, and place of employment of the guy who burglarized my home and they did nothing.

We all like to joke about how stupid Bailo is...

I need to monetize.

Yup @11. A few years back, some dude came out of the elevator, walked into my friend's office in the Denny Building, grabbed her backpack and ran. Went to Macy's and charged stuff. Was captured on camera. They spoonfed all the necessary info to SPD, which promptly went out of its way to do absolutely nothing. If the victim wants any redress/revenge, she will sadly have to take the matter into her own hands.
The cops ignored her...the end.
Post those photos online! :D