The duos debut album is arriving on June 2.
The duo's debut album is arriving on June 2.

Produce at Eight Row in Greenlake isn’t just about tasty food: it’s about supporting a community.
It honors flavors and fixings from Washington’s farms and orchards, as well as on families’ tables.

• On Friday afternoon, Girlpool tweeted that they wrote and quickly recorded a new song titled "Your Heart" while driving through Idaho. I know that Waxahatchee's drummer, Ashley Arwine, recently joined the duo on stage to perform "Crowded Stranger" in Chicago—the groups are currently on tour together—but when I listen to their latest, I'm reminded of how much I like Girlpool without the accompaniment of percussion. The way they echo one another's sentiments allows for a more inclusive, quiet feel, almost as if they've been recording your thoughts and now, they're choosing to read them back to you.

Look for their debut album, Before the World Was Big, on June 2 via Wichita.

• Mac DeMarco announced he'd be extending his tour this morning—he's swinging back through Seattle on October 29 to play the Moore Theatre—in preparation for the release of "mini-album" Another One via Captured Tracks on August 7. He also dropped one of the tracks, "The Way You'd Love Her," which upholds his typical woozy, dreamy contemplations on love (i.e., you'll play it while inviting a summer fling to share your sleeping bag). Imagine DeMarco with perpetual cigarette in hand, foot tossed out one side of a hammock, while listening.

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• Back in March, Jamie xx revealed that this summer (June 25 to be exact) would herald the release of his first solo album, In Colour. And if “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” is any indication of the record's overall feel, it's going to form a major portion of our BBQ playlists. He provides the production for Young Thug, who springs on the track by announcing, "I'm gonna ride in that pussy like a stroller."

And the song's not even finished. According to SPIN, Popcaan will be joining them alongside the Persuasions' "Good Times" sample for the album's final version. Jamie's bandmates from the xx, Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft, will also appear as well, and he told NME that the solo work has influenced the follow-up to the xx's Coexist.