This hospital refused to help an injured veteran get ten feet through the door and into the hospital.
This hospital refused to help an injured veteran get 10 feet through the door and into the hospital. Veterans Affairs

Seattle's Veterans Affairs Hospital Told a Vet with a Broken Foot to Call 911 to Get in from 10 Feet Away: "It's hurting like the devil and they won't come out and get me. Can you believe that?" 64-year-old Donald Siefken told the 911 dispatcher. He had almost made it into the emergency room, but couldn't quite get there, and hospital staff refused to help him. The hospital only apologized after coverage of the incident from the Seattle Times.

Hit-and-Run Driver Wreaks Havoc in West Seattle: "The driver hit four cars in a row," KOMO reports, and witnesses said she wandered away, uninjured.

Seattle Traffic Will Get Even Worse Before It Gets Better: And that's a good thing according to Gil Penalosa, a former parks commissioner from Colombia. “When there is congestion, people are willing to pay taxes to improve congestion,” he tells KUOW. “There is no city in the world the size of Seattle that has solved the issue of mobility through the private car."

University of Washington Considering Divestment from Coal: Tomorrow, Crosscut reports, "the Board of Regents will decide whether to divest from coal. The University had approximately $2.3 million invested in coal as of June 2014." They'll be under pressure to do so from the Divest UW student coalition. Stanford divested its endowment from coal last year. Just do it, UW.

Kayaktivists greet Shell in Everett.
Kayaktivists greet Shell in Everett. Emily Johnston

Kayaktivists "Warm Up" for Battle in Seattle as Oil Drilling Ship Pulls into Everett: Ten protesters in kayaks greeted the Noble Discoverer as it pulled into the Port of Everett, before unfurling a banner. Jordan VanVoast told the Everett Herald it's "just a warm-up” for protests on Saturday in Seattle, once the ship arrives there. Sydney has a full rundown on the Port of Seattle's five-hour-long meeting yesterday and how its decision to ask for a delay of servicing of the oil rigs appears to be too little, too late. "It's not going to affect us at all," said Foss Maritime president and CEO Paul Stevens.

Feed Your Babies Peanuts, Seattle Doctors Say: So that they don't get peanut allergies. A big new study says 4-to-11-month-old infants who eat peanuts are 86 percent less likely to develop the allergy, compared to those who don't, KPLU reports.

Amtrak Train Crash in Philadelphia Kills Six, Injures Hundreds: People, laptops, and phones were flying around before the train crashed, CNN reports. Something went very wrong, but investigators haven't said what it is yet.