It's Finally Happening! Here's Everyone Who's Running for City Council This Year, and What to Expect in Each Race


I'm really hoping that the Stranger will do an in depth article soon about what's specifically right and what's specifically wrong about Burgess. Many folks seem to have this dim sense that we'd like somebody else in this seat (including me), but aside from general assertions that he's the most conservative member of the council, I have seen the sort of concrete discussion of how he has been bad for Seattle (or for that matter good).
Oops: Typos. I haven't seen...concrete discussion of how he has been bad for Seattle...
I am so dreading this election of one-issue activists and community council reps.
We shall overcome!
Heidi, Re: Council Seat 3: Kshama Sawant was the only Councilmember to fight against the gender pay gap in practice last year, with her amendment to remove the God awful tip penalty (which disproportionately hits women, and forces them to put up with sexual harassment for better tips) from the minimum wage bill. Every other Councilmember stood against her, including Godden. If this is Beach's issue, why is she running against the one candidate who fought to change it?
Sweet. We can vote for a candidate who has shown years of passion and devotion to pushing the city government's stat's quo.... Alex Tsimerman for council position 9!

Sure, some might call him crazy and pushing beyond what a city government can do.... but in this post-Conlin Sawant-worship era, he's just pushing even more left of our socialist.
@ 4
I don't understand what you're saying. Introducing an amendment that prevents servers' (disproportionately women) compensation from being reduced is somehow supporting gender pay inequity? It seems to me like that means she was the only councilmember against giving a bunch of women a pay cut to serve the interest of restaurant owners.
Which isn't to say that reasonable people can't disagree, I just really don't get your point of view.
In rereading your comment, I realize that I completely misread your position. Sorry. I'm pre-cup-of-coffee right now :)
"Since districts didn't exist when the current council was elected, no one is a true incumbent in any district."

Thank you!