Spy director Paul Feig on the red carpet last night. All the funniest people I know are women, he said. Sorry, men.
Spy director Paul Feig on the red carpet last night. He said, "All the funniest people I know are women. Sorry, men." Kelly O

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
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If you were hemming and hawing about whether to go to SIFF opening night last night, and you decided not to, you messed up, Holy shit that movie was funny. The trailers don't do it justice. I laughed so hard I started crying out at the screen in agonies of pleasure. It's waaaaaaaaay funnier than The Heat was, and I have to say, though it didn't have Jon Hamm jackhammering Kristen Wiig in it, it might be funnier than Bridesmaids. I know, I know, with a statement like that comes a lot of responsibility. Eat it.

In news we all know: Paul Feig is a genius. In psychic predictions I'm now ready to make: His Ghostbusters is going to blow up our brains. In flattery Feig tossed out to the crowd before the movie started: "This is such a famous film festival. I also want to thank the Seattle film scene for supporting so many women filmmakers."

He added, "All the funniest people I know are women. Sorry, men."

The only other things that happened before the movie started were:

• The mayor came out onstage and said, "Next year I look forward to a film that challenges that thing that's sitting out in Elliott Bay."

• He also talked about the Washington State film incentive having created 14,000 film jobs in this state since 2007, pointing out, "Yes, there's a way to create jobs without oil rigs."

• He gave a mayor's award to Megan Griffiths, whom he called a "vocal voice" for local filmmaking. (It has to be said: Griffiths isn't a vocal voice whenever The Stranger tries to ask about Eden.)

• SIFF artistic director Carl Spence called this year's festival "the best class of films we've ever had."

• People in the lobby were whispering beforehand about how long the thanking-of-sponsors usually takes, with one person, glass of wine in hand, hearing the bells chime, saying, "I know what's going to happen when I get in there. I'm not going to get tricked this time." BUT GUESS WHAT?! Spence and SIFF managing director Mary Bacarella kept it mercifully brief, a mere 35 minutes of introductory remarks instead of the usual five hours of sponsor thanking. On behalf of the entire audience: Thank you, Carl and Mary!

• That said, Bacarella did hilariously misspeak at one point, saying this year's festival is "25 years" long, and Spence had to interrupt her and lean over into the microphone and say, "Days." Bacarella said quickly, "Days!" and, quick on her feet, sarcastically added, "We made it longer." Spence quipped, "It just gets bigger and bigger."

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