Nine Northwest Tribes Have Joined Together to Block a Massive Coal Export Terminal at Cherry Point


Rock on!
Showing the way to the safe energy future! And sacrificing much to do so.
The lack of respect for national sovereignty is unsurprising and depressing.
@3 nationalism sucks.
I think about the Keystone XL pipeline and the Arctic oil drilling and the oil trains, and in my mind, all of these fossil-fuel exploitation schemes pale in comparison to the coal trains and the coal export terminals in terms of environmental damage and economic counterproductiveness and sheer “no good can come from this” wrongheadedness.

Not only does harvesting this filthy coal wreak further climate havoc, but by doing so we’re satisfying China’s insatiable demand for dirty energy and strengthening their economy at the expense of ours, so that its industries can be more competitive next to ours. Once we become China’s big-time coal supplier, the Chinese might just as well tell us, “You’re our bitch now.” It’s the sort of act of economic submission you’d expect from a Russia or a Nigeria, not from a supposed superpower.

And I haven't even mentioned the tribes' legitimate concerns. Sure, the coal companies in Wyoming's Powder Basin and the transport companies would be winners from this scheme, but the tribes and Seattle and just everybody else on the American side of this equation will be losers.
Thanks for coverage. Indigenous people in Pacific NW and around the world are leading wisely and bravely on no more corporate destruction. And are also leading our societies to wake up and be more respectful of the earth and each other. Let's finally learn from their models for centuries.
Actually, China is making a concerted effort to move away from coal. They may build this thing only to find out there's no real market for coal.…