A Unique Look at Beach Boy Brian Wilson and Other Weekend Options


After about 120 they all kind of blur together - don't miss the less hyped shorts
@1 Agreed!
Flowers was good.
Brian Wilson: one o the most under rated musicians of his day. But I'm glad he's getting more and more recognition for his work before he joins his two brothers in death.
@4 Carl, Dennis, and Murry (their father) all make appearances. Carl comes across as a good guy (he helped extricate Brian from Eugene Landy), Murry comes across as a colossal asshole, and Dennis comes across as the funny one. Mike Love is expectedly jerky.
I enjoyed the hell out of Seoul Searching, despite its three or four clunky scenes, but I am a John Hughes fan girl and geeked out at the references.

Results was good, not great. It didn't help that I saw it right after Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, which was so magnificent that anything that followed it would have been merely meh.

For Grace was so deeply moving and insightful. It will stay with me for the rest of the fest.