The 2015 Stranger Genius Award Nominees Were All Invited to a Secret Rooftop Taco Party Last Week


Steve Fisk!
Again with the Cherdonna. Does someone there owe her money? Jesus fucking Christ! Do you not recall the time you wrote five articles about her and put her on the cover of your arts thing and hyped up her solo show, and the show tanked and was universally disliked?

It wasn't that long ago. Do you recall being too embarrassed to review the show after all the build-up?

I don't bear her any ill will, and the city has become complacent with the idea that this "ceremony" is a giant circle jerk, so we all expect you to just nominate your friends, but... after that massive public failure, this really stretches your already-thin credibility.

Maybe I should be happy you nominated her, because then you'll be done with her. After all, once someone gets one of your "genius" awards, they disappear forever.
White cake at a mostly-white party. Cheers!
I guess "genius" and diversity don't mix? Disappointed in your narrow candidate pool.
Unleash the trolls!

Steve Fisk ftw, though.