SIFF 2015 Weekend in Review: There's More to Australia Than Mad Max


Slow West opens 5/22 at Sundance Cinemas.
Oh, no! Sounds like it's going to open *and* close during SIFF, just like Dead Man, 20 years ago (which I also skipped at SIFF because it was opening soon.)
@3 Ha! Good/unfortunate comparison. Dead Man from the balcony of the Egyptian remains one of my favorite SIFF memories.
Just to be clear, the new Mad Max was not shot in Australia. It was filmed in Namibia.

The best film ever made in Australia is Wake In Fright.…

But I'm watching a good one now about the "camel lady" called Tracks.…
@4 Mad Max: Fury Road was filmed in Australia, Namibia and South Africa, and George Miller remains Australian no matter where he goes. @5 I've written about both Wake in Fright and Tracks for The Stranger. Definitely a fan of both.
Wish that they'd reserved more time for the Atticus Ross interview! I would have loved to hear more about which versions of Wilson's hits made it into the film -- or whether some of them were new mixes from the deep archives.
@7 Agreed. I ran into Adam at another screening, and he said Ross was more talkative before they hit the stage. His answers weren't bad, but they weren't very specific either.