Cut the money from prosecutors in King County who have milions to waste trying, and failing, to kill people.
For an extra dose of hypocrisy, the legislature is proposing to gut the courts at the same time as they increase their own pay.
This looks like payback for McCleary, but then again I'm cynical.
@giffy: ...and never, ever prosecuting rogue cops.
This is EXACTLY what public education advocates did NOT want to happen. A Sophie's Choice of cuts.

The Legislature should not be robbing Peter to pay Paul. They should be doing two things:

- either enacting new revenue streams to pay for all these needs
- taking away tax breaks for large corporations

But we are halfway thru this special session and where's a budget? Nowhere.

I hope they enjoy their raises.
Education is the bedrock of democracy. Our state legislature and governors have failed to deliver the bedrock. Look at the system itself. An electoral government, especially the kind of we have by state constitution, will not be getting us one. Big money and corporate elites own this government. A justice system needs not just funding, but also an overhaul in its codes. We are micromanaging the poor, the near poor, and the children's futures all from a weak foolish constitution, a choke-the-little-people method of regressive taxation, and too many politicians getting their own before the ship fully sinks. Like our top Democrats.
@3 I had the exact same thought. Part of the McCleary decision involves regular compliance reports by the Legislature to the Court. Without adequate funding, how can the Court properly verify compliance with the decision?
Check ALEC-sponsored legislators. This is happening elsewhere.…

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