Anti-Eviction Activist (and City Council Candidate) Josh Farris Is Being Evicted


The landlord sounds like a reasonable guy who has patiently put up with a bad tenant. His former tenant sounds like a first class entitled jerk. Since being a first class arrogant jerk is a political benefit in much of Seattle (Licata, Sawant, Murray) the jerk might even win a council seat.

If he still lives in the Peoples Republic of Seattle at election time anyway.
Oh and Ms Groover?

Farris was protesting the foreclosure on a guy who took hundreds of thousands in loans on his free and clear home to play. He had his fun, than refused to pay the payments on the loans HE took out. And he was kicked out of the home he no longer owned, by his own stupid choices. Sawant and Farris picked that clown as the poster child for their 'evil banks are coming after you too' lies.

No wonder you got kicked out of Spokane. Eastern Washington actually requires some common sense and integrity of its' denizens.
@1 Isn't it weird how whenever there's a dispute, both parties have a plausible explanation for how they are in the right?

Like, literally every time!
Twenty days notice to find new housing, pack and move? That's unreasonable by anyone's measure. Get your shit together, Seattle.
Yes, Seattleblahs. Eastern Washington has it's act together. That's why it's such an economic powerhouse. What would we do without the generous subsidies we get from Eastern Washington?
ah, seattle blues. always first in line to defend cocksucking extortionists.

Gee, it's so weird! Assholes like Farris act like assholes and the people they treat badly dislike them? Those people insist on their landlord rights without giving any of them up? It's a puzzle!

Tell you what, children. If any of my tenants started a loud foul mouthed rant at me for doing my job they'd be looking for another place to live too.
Um, so where is Jon Grant's Tenant's Union? Why are they not helping this guy?
this makes me so sad. the comments here. how is the tenant being an asshole here?

the idea that 20 days notice is reasonable is wrong. the tenant should protest. and sure, the landlord is acting within the law -- but his action has a direct on other people. treat others how you'd like to be treated and all that. was more notice really not possible?
@8 your mom lets you sublet the basement? It's good you can get back a few bucks towards the rent you owe her.
@10: Slog has almost become the Seattle Times comment section recently (see @7), but SB has been posting here from his mom's basement for years.

Don't let it make you sad. Be surprised he hasn't called for the evicted tenant's summary execution by a jumpy policeman.
Yeah, this will be great for the Farris campaign. Until August, when he finishes a weak third in the primary.
@5 +1
I assume the proposed landlord tenant changes require 90-day notice from tenants moving out, too?
@1, 2, 8:


People like Farris start at full scream. When a person does that the one being screamed at loses all motivation to compromise.

Maybe 20 days is low. That's something reasonable people can discuss.. But calling your landlord a cocksucking extortionist and than asking for more time than the law requires when you're lawfully evicted is just plain stupid. Arrogant, boorish AND stupid.
@15, Spoken like someone who's never moved out of their childhood bedroom. It takes far less time to find someone to move into an empty apartment than it does to find one for yourself, pack up and clean out a space you're still living in, and move into another one.
Spoken like someone who has no idea what goes into the landlord's side of the process. Set aside your rich guy/big company "fight the man" narrative, and put yourself in the shoes of the individual renting out their home. The proposed changes apply to all landlords, not just the type you can turn into non-people.
@19, I'm a property owner, I've been renting out rooms for years, and you're a contrarian tool. It is much easier to post an ad to Craigslist and screen applicants than it is to put your life into a bunch of boxes and find a new place to unpack them.
You rent out rooms to mice in your mom's basement? I didn't know they use craigslist. Thanks for setting me straight.
Seattleblues is a landlord. That pretty much tells me all I need to know about the housing issues in the region.
@21, I guess this is as close as you'll get to admitting you have no fucking clue whatsoever of the point you're arguing. I'll take it and you're welcome.
I loosely repeated your charge of me, so take a look in the mirror. Have a great day, and keep on believing!
20 days is definitely not enough notice but if the landlord is really moving in I think 60 days should be the rule. Circumstances can change fast. 90 for other reasons including the landlord selling the property also seems quite reasonable to me.

No way I would ever vote for this idiot though. Protip: Don't call your landlord a cocksucker and then ask for special treatment. And as @2 also pointed out, can the bullshit 'disabled veteran' rhetoric. I expect that shit from the right but not here. That guy wasn't a victim, he was an idiot that re-mortgaged his childhood home inherited from his parents, blew through the money, and had no plan whatsoever to pay it back.
ah, that is just seattleblues. still, slog comments over the past few months have.... changed. i've been reading and posting here, um, infrequently, over the past ten years. i don't know if it's the interface changes, the staff changes, or what, but the comments are not nearly as enjoyable as they used to be. i mean that there are fewer interesting points of view (where's fnarf?), that there is less of community feel, and when there are "debates" they are less civil and informative. now there are mean people with oddly conservative views. it bums me out and makes me feel like maybe the changes in seattle are more pervasive than i'd thought -- not just the rent is changing, but the character and values of our city are changing.
why all this focus on the cocksucker thing? yeah, inappropriate word if said. but it seems like the manager overheard the comment? so, said in privacy and not to his face? and just speculation? does the tenant agree he said this?
90 day notice on a just cause eviction is the same as giving the evictee three months free rent, because every landlord knows the tenant won't pay a dime after they get the notice. On top of that, the poor guy gets called a cocksucker. Maybe you should be protesting the guy's use of homophobic slurs instead of cheering him against some guy that just wants to live in his property, dirty as that word may sound to you.
Yes Catalina, what would we do without Eastern Washington. The Eastern side of the state produces fruits, vegetables and grains in vast quantities. Yakima is famous for the hops grown there used in both micro and macro breweries. And what of the Grand Coulee dam whose electricity enabled the Boeing company. Without Boeing there would be no Seattle (so to speak), the U of W would be only a fraction of it's present size. I think you get the picture; Eastern Washington does pull it's own weight and then some.
I am wondering if this negates his eligibility to run? Let's say he can find somewhere to live in District 2 so he maintains himself as a resident. He would still have to register to vote since he is changing addresses.
@27 I don't like it because it's homophobic and sexist. I don't really feel like renting my property to those kinds of people, but understand that's not legit enough reason to evict someone.
Bertha dear, you do realize that everything you cite is either heavily subsidized (crops) or built and operated (dams) by the Feds, right?

Indeed, before Grand Coulée, agriculture in Central WA was a hit or miss proposition at best.

And if Seattleblahs is a landlord, I am the Queen of Romania.
@26 - totally agree with you that Slog has changed. I haven't had internet for a couple years and really missed Slog. Now I'm back and everything has changed. I do think the staff changes have affected the overall tone. And the comments used to be highly entertaining and even at times educational. Now it just seems a waste of time to even read them. It does sadden me as Slog was one of my daily little pleasures.
@29: the context you're missing is the ongoing Slog debate over E. Washington's Seattle-subsidized roads and schools, not to mention its federally-funded electricity infrastructure.

E Wa often gets held up as an exemplar of moral rectitude, "What America Was" in the golden age before socialism, but they consistently vote as if they don't suck on Seattle's tax-base teat morning, noon and night. That's where the comment is coming from.

Catalina's not mad at Yakima Peaches. I'd wager Catalina loves Yakima Peaches.
Of course Sawant will be there. Miss an opportunity to insert herself into the middle of something? Never!
The tenant seems to be a jerk and the landlord seems to be a decent guy. None of that involves legality, however, so the jerk tenant will get good publicity due to an unfair law. 90 days, however, will never pass, and Burgess knows that, so its safe for him to use that ploy (and other similar ones) to try to prop up his campaign. Of the three of them, the landlord seems the most pleasant human being.
@4 I believe that is the WA State standard, happened to some family members renting in Wenatchee. They were given 20 days notice to move, they have 3 children. They had to cram in with in-laws for 2 months before they were finally approved for a new home.
Point well taken Catalina, but when it comes to mass federal subsidies they will apply to the entire western half of the United States not just Eastern Washington.
Quintessential Seattle - the guy is at the end of a lease, bickers with the owner of the property, insults him to his face, starts a campaign stating that if he wins he'll push to do away with evicting people, even when they are crappy tenants or don't pay on time...and then acts surprised when he gets evicted - you know, because just because you own the property doesn't mean you should be able to have any say in what happens with it or that the owner should be able to live in the space if he wants to.
Worth noting here: It's not 20 days notice. Farris's lease is expiring at the end of the month. He knew his lease was expiring. The onus was on him to request an extension of his lease in advance. He didn't. Then he acts surprised when the landlord doesn't want to renew.

Personal responsibility is not a 4 letter word, people.
@8: What if one of your tenants let you find out that they were gay? You'd illegally (source) refuse to extend their lease for that, right? So much for you being a paragon of fair dealing and common decency in business.
Oh wait, you already claim to have done exactly that (source). Stop right there, criminal scum!
Tenants have a ton of rights when it comes to renting, I have had some really bad tenants ,so I was forced to sell. I'm not rich!! Now the city is charging landlords a $180 fee for rental inspections, let's keep rent low, but keep raising property taxes, and fees for landlords, but not charge more for rent!!! Let's make seattle affordable for all and stop giving the city counsel so much authority!
Everyone deserves decent shelter. But in this system its all about money. We have millions of homeless people on this planet and a few with unbelievable wealth which they stole from us.
How? Armed theft via war. Cheap labor so people can’t afford to pay for their basic needs. TRILLIONS of dollars given to the banks from the people. And corporate welfare. The rich don’t believe in socialism which they use as a four letter word.
Except when it comes to themselves. But they frequently say the rest of us only deserve charity. Socialism means sharing which many have learned in kindergarden but unlearn later on.
Why would any decent person begrudge people basic needs? Food, shelter and medical care.

Oh but there are prisons and the streets for the poor and the working-class and that’s ok with you?
@33 Yes