#ShellNo Activists Have Been Attached to a Shell Arctic Vessel's Anchor Chain in Bellingham Since Last Night


And if she had slipped, fallen, and drowned ....
Sure they do that.

Because the people who pay them can't bring in the cost of their oil below $55 ppb like Arctic oil.

Bakken crude breakeven prices as low as $58/bbl in 2014 -report

@1, don't worry, there's still time.

"studying environmental justice at Western Washington University"

Is this something she can get school credit for ?

Why is the history of 19th century scientist, Sir William Robert Grove, suppressed?

The inventor of the fuel cell, this is not even mentioned in the Encyclopedia Britannica!


It is hard to get any information at all on this genius!


I like this.
Meanwhile, in Ireland...
I was thinking- 'she's a 20 year old kid. Eventually when she grows up she'll be mildly embarrassed anout her stupid kid behavior.' Then I read it more closely. 2 kids. Both 'activists.' Both with stupid hippy names. Yeah. This poor kid has no chance in life at all with parents like that.
good on this girl she is very brave. Any delay stopping these evil oil mongers leaving port is worthwhile
@7: "Chiara D'Angelo" is a "stupid hippy name", according to you? Fuck sake, you must not know any Italians at all, man. 'Chiara' is in fact a saint name, and if there's one thing we know about Catholic cultures (Italians, Poles, Irish, Spaniards, etc.), it's that they dearly love to name their children for saints.
Your ignorance of cultures different from yours is showing once more. It's a damn shame you never learned to be embarrassed about being wrong.
Depends? She's shitting and pissing herself on that chain? She's mentally ill . . .
I say "anchor's aweigh", get underway, and see what happens.
Is she going to pee her panties? I mean really, how stupid can people be? Oh, please can you pull me up to the deck so I can use your restroom? I'll only be a minute, I promise. Sheesh!
@15: FTW

The protests against Arctic drilling is certaintly valid; incorporating climate change, possible oil spills, but these kind of antics do more harm than good to the opposing side.

Once a person gets to their 40's and beyond, they realize how fragile life is. There are certainly risks worth doing in one's life, even thrills worth doing (like skydiving), but not when the ramifications of an adolescent's passion could result in the lost child for a grieving mother.

Oh yes, go ahead and able me a concern troll. I honor the distinction!

Can you imagine the haunting nightmares of the captain or crew whom might have changed the anchor but didn't realize that human beings were clinging on to it? These are folks not worthy your wrath no matter how much you hate Shell!

No parent should be proud of such actions, unless they have such a cold heart that they could reconcile their child's foolish actions for their own selfish ideological dispositions.

But this woman, and her silly mother, would never even think of these ramifications.

Sorry Sydney, but this is story is a no-go. Find better ones.

I'm not surprised by the varied hateful, narrow-minded comments coming from Bellingham.Having resided there for 15 years, I had found it rather staunchly stuffy and Republican at times. Now, living in the country near Olympia it's refreshing to see a brave, strong, informed young woman lead the way and taking a stand against what Shell is doing near Alaska. Most people have their noses up their butts and don't pay any attention. Soon it will be too late. I'm a 70 year old activist who totally supports you and your right to protest, Chiara. God bless and protect you. With love..

@16, okay, you're a concern troll, and an ignorant one at that. You've obviously never worked on a ship. Ships have crewmembers on watch. Cameras too. They would specifically watch out for obstructions and check the anchor chain before weighing anchor. There is zero chance that they would blindly haul up the anchor and accidentally squash the girl.

She risks cold, wet, and discomfort hanging on that chain, but she does not risk getting accidentally killed and giving the poor crew nightmares. You can ease your concern-troll nerves.

In all likelihood, the crew will just ignore her until they are ready to leave, and then request the Coast Guard arrest her if she's still there. At the moment she is harming no one with her publicity stunt.
@18: Zero chance hull? I suppose I should be gratified at your non-substantiated assurances as to the safety procedures of all maritime vessels, in all situations, at all times. So noted.

I wasn't born yesterday.
@18: Cameras too?

Shades of Sunset Boulevard, final scene. Give me a break.

@7 her future is brighter than some moron who wastes his time shitting all over a blog and for fucks sake, you have a villa in Italy! You should have met plenty of Chiaras. It's a fairly common name. Goddamn, you're infurinating just with your ignorance and your horrid lying.
@7: And what's the name of the guy on the chain with her? Matt Fuller! Shit, son, do you even know what a hippie is?

@21: Nice observation! Claims to to have a vacation home in Italy, doesn't realize that "Chiara" is a fairly everyday Italian name.
Slog suddenly seems full of new people - at least on these Shell related posts - who are eager to give rim jobs to the dirty butts of corporations, and smugly assure us that we all need and use oil for everything. (Which is true, but that doesn't mean it always has to be that way, except in their odd little minds)

I don't know if it's paid industry shills or if Seattleblahs has gone off the deep end and creating multiple personas, but it certainly is odd.
@16 dude, that is so incredibly condescending to the captain of the ship. Trust me, people who work is dangerous fields are used to it. But to go on your line of thought, I'm assuming you're against oil rigs in general, as they are one of the riskiest workplaces in the developed world. Or maybe soldiers? Or police officers? These are all professions where the risk of nightmares are quite high.
Lastly, don't you believe in the 1st amendment?
@23 I think it's fair to assume that really expensive PR firms hire people to muddy comment sections. Pretty sure Shell can afford a campaign like that.
@22 he is a shitty liar.
@24: How is it condescending to the captain and crew to say its foolhardy to have protesters dangling on the anchor chain?
I suppose that the degree of confidence in Shell's safety record and state-of-the-art equipment (with cameras for every blind spot) by protesters would be surpassed only by the confidence of pro bono attorneys salivating to bury Shell in litigation proving otherwise when (not if, unfortunatly) the first injury or fatally occurs to one of these trespassing protesters.
The first amendment has nothing to do with this. Nobody's infringing on her right to protest in a safe and responsible manner.
or if Seattleblahs has gone off the deep end and creating multiple personas

I assumed that those ships had long sailed.
@26, it is condescending to the captain and crew to believe they would be so willfully incompetent and negligent as to raise an anchor chain without bothering to glance over the side first. Duh.

Do you really believe the crew has no idea she's hanging out there?
One of these high risk stunts is going to get this foolish girl killed.
Several pics show the crew members looking right at her. Including this one (look closely).

@25, yeah he thought we'd forget about his so-called "Black" so-called "wife" from a few years back. (Just using his phraseology).

@27, indeed, it was called the Lovechild ship.
@28: Whether the crew is aware or not is not the point. Duh.
Hanging on the anchor chain for two plus days now in the cold wet of Bham. She has got a backbone which is more than can be said for all the armchair, do nothing's that are critizing her actions. What's truly dangerous is sitting around doing nothing. It is beyond common for people to be afraid of what they don't understand. We're at a critical point in human existence. She's making an impact. You know shell has one objective and that's to make money. They don't care if they trash our natural resources.
She is essentially a stowaway, and by law ships are liable for the wellbeing of stowaways. (A law in place to deter crews from disposing of stowaways with "accidents.") So the crew will be in trouble if she gets hypothermia, dehydration, a UTI, etc. Can you imagine suddenly being forced to babysit this woman, and being liable if something happens to her because she refused treatment?

How'd she travel to this location for the Black Lives Matter protest, anyway? By car? Did that car run on gas?
"How'd she travel to this location for the Black Lives Matter protest, anyway? By car? Did that car run on gas?"

Well, of course. We don't really have many options now, do we, or did you expect her to arrive by buggy? Do you really consider that a reason to fault her or her argument? Why are you so tied to the status quo?

As for Our Dear WhitePrivilige, I think he's just another Seattleblahs persona.
I hope someone catches her on you tube changing her attends. That will go a long way to promote some more of this stupidity. She's no more an activist than you or I , she is looking for the exposure to the media. Look at me! I'm stupid!

What if we just stopped responding to the "protesters use oil, too" crap, and focused on moving the conversation forward (looking @ansel)? What if Sydney and the rest of the Stranger stopped running Greenpeace press releases as news, writing about misguided millenials, and instead posed the projected consequence of offshore arctic drilling in terms that actually interest and motivate a greater swath of Seattle? I know it requires some individual research to produce a decent analytical piece that positions this as a fight to keep Georgetown, the waterfront, South Park, etc., above water, what the economic consequences of saving them, dikes or such, might be, and what direct *political* or *consumer* action might look like, but it's worth more than every single one of these trash posts thus far. And from my memory, there is even some recent, well documented work to draw upon for the sea level part. "Direct action" in terms of protests is great for politicians and Greenpeace fundraising, and that's about it. The most proximate decision on this came from Obama, and I'm pretty sure he is not affected by a woman hanging off a ship in Bellingham.
Can someone remind Gandhi/avoid that schizophrenia sets in during the early twenties?

Point proven. Seek treatment.
Friend of mine works on that thing. Says she tossed a dirty diaper of hers into the water. Not saying I disapprove of her actions, but littering is littering.

Billing the protester makes sense in this case. Compare it to a climber rescue. We don't bill climbers on Mt Rainier for rescues unless they were negligent. Boarding a private vessel without permission seems to be in that ilk.
@35: My point is that it's pointless to protest oil when it's not really viable to use anything else. Does she think Shell discovered a zero carbon emission biofuel that they're sitting on because they like to make sea otters cry? Unless she's got an alternative to propose, she hasn't really thought through the objective of her protest other than attention.

There are such things as electric cars. Of course, if one really wanted to reduce our dependence on oil, they could study engineering and try to make that technology more accessible and affordable and efficient. Or they could do what the Sierra Club does and lobby for better fuel efficiency standards, marine wildlife protections, cap and trade, etc.

But that wouldn't be quite as glamorous! That sounds like a lot of studying and not quite so much "Look ma, I'm on TV!"
@46: first, please look up "tu quoque".

you're not getting the point of THIS protest. it's not "don't use oil or oil by-products". it's "don't drill in the arctic sea because if you fuck up like in the gulf of mexico (remember that one?) there's no way to stop the spill because of the remoteness, weather, etc."

everyone uses oil. we know.
The kayak sports enthusiasts didn't seem very concerned about the environment when they were pulling out their plastic card to pay for their plastic boats at rei. And dropping a cement block and chain in the middle of the underwater wildlife and octopus reef to anchor their protest barge? Brilliant.
She's an environmental Patriot.

It's inspiring to read about someone who is willing to put everything on the line for the future of life on Mother Earth.
The poor dear is probably itching like crazy from rashes no matter how absorbent her adult diapers are. Its the perfect environment for serious infections to take hold. She could even have a staph infection from that dirty industrial environment. She better get down soon and go to the hospital.
Chiara D'Angelo is a committed activist. She lasted a whole 36 hours in a tree on Bainbridge that had a comfortable platform. She is just a publicity whore.
XiaoGui17 dear, if the young lady wants to go and protest, what difference is it to you? Why do you resent a person standing up for a cause? After all, she's not breaking windows or provoking cops or blocking traffic, which seems to be the big complaint about protesters around here. And don't you think that we, as a society, have room for people to study engineering, lobby for fuel efficiency, AND protest unwise decisions by corporations?

dorimonsonfan, I don't think anyone, save for perhaps a few extremists, seek an end to all oil use. What people are objecting to is how we use it so stupidly. Fueling transportation by gasoline is a 19th century solution. We need to move beyond that. In the meantime, we can cut the use of it, by providing more intelligent infrastructure and increasing fuel efficiency. That's what's been happening for the last forty years and it started - in large part - because people were protesting.

With all that said, it would be nice to find an alternative to petroleum for plastic production, and I'm sure that someday we will. In the meantime, why not stop drilling for oil in stupid places, and start working on ways to modernized our antiquated method of moving people around? Why not work for change, and not timidly and dociley accept whatever corporations want to do, which seems to be the solution put forth by a lot of our more recent commenters?
@9. Her mom claims they are Native American, not Italian. Who do they think they are, Elizabeth Warren?
Where were they when the Republicans were selling the drilling rights to Royal Dutch for two billion dollars? Elementary school! So now they try to blame Obama and attack the supply side like a bunch of Ronald Reagans with paddles.The solution is on the DEMAND SIDE. We have to quit spending money on wasteful fossil fuel consumption which means a little personal sacrifice. Quit over consuming, breeding, and traveling so goddamn much and work to defeat the stinking Republicans, who are owned by the oil, gas, and coal industries.
Catalina Vel-DuRay - I agree we do need to work for change. One proposal I'd throw out there is the legalization of atvs, or quads as they call them on city streets and highways. Most are already equipped with a headlight, turn signals, brake lights, and license plates. They get 50-75 miles per gallon so they use 1/2 to 1/3 the amount of fuel as your average car. Also, there is already a system in place to put license plates and tabs on them. You could turn one car lane into two quad lanes and park four quads in the space that one car fits in. It is already legal in Wyoming and Arizona. We really should be keeping up with the progression of those states from a transportation perspective.
There are two unreported facts concerning Socialist Alternative's sudden zeal to fight big oil. The first is that Venezuela, where the collapse of Hugo Chavez's 21 Century Socialism is in full swing, will be decimated by a further decline in oil prices:


Before anyone screams about hypocrisy, look at the bigger picture: Shell striking it big in the Arctic will mean a huge leap in oil production (and lower per barrel prices), and undermine the socialist government in Venezuela, which is highly dependent on domestic oil revenues for their programs. All good socialists are internationalists in their outlook. They are more then willing to throw everyone under the bus to preserve a toehold, even "socialistic" public owned entities like the Port. Look how long they have defended places like Cuba, and how they defended the old regimes to the bitter end, all while uttering: "mistakes were made."

Second, Sawant claims that the people opposing Shell is a coalition of labor and environmentalists:


What goes unmentioned is that the King County Labor Council supports the project, and no labor union has endorsed the protests. So, where is the "labor" exactly? This is a fabrication based on the idea that if a member of SA shows up to a protest, that constitutes the most advanced leadership due to their socialist credentials. By this criterion, if a member of the SPD showed up in earnest, they could claim that the police are part of the coalition.

The socialist emperor wears no clothes, and not for the reasons dumbasses on the right claim. They wear no clothes due to their own embellishments, contradictions, and omissions of inconvenient truths. And one can accept the need to fight climate change and still see this...

The Stranger will ignore this because in the current climate, socialism sells papers to 20 somethings. Who knew that the empire would erode so much that it would have mass market appeal.
@56: how were you able to see through the socialist empire's evil plan? amazing.

@55: ok, then what?
Her highness has come down down now. From KOMO:
Student activist Chiara D'Angelo requested assistance getting down from her perch on the Arctic Challenger in the Bellingham harbor around 9:30 a.m. Monday, the Coast Guard said.

D'Angelo was checked for hypothermia and then released, Coast Guard officials said.
@57 Dispute anything in my post. One thing. You can't can you? When Sawant turns her back on all the left Democrats after the election--after they so willing shilled for her, I will be here to tell you: told you so. She is not a Democrat, or even a social democrat. She is a Trotskyist. Read SA's (your?) own damn web site. Read your history: hint: history is not Googling old Slog posts.
@47, there's been drilling in the Arctic for about 40 years. And YES, Offshore drilling. I had this argument on another Shell Thread when a Clueless person said that some Rig in Russia just produced the first "Offshore Oil to market". I had to let him know that rigs have been pumping oil for market in the Arctic Sea. And if you ask, I'll say the same thing I told the other misinformed person. I found it, so can you.
@28 & @52: Thank you both. So well said.
@61: You could top it off by lighting a candle, burning some incense, and listening to Joan Baez.
dorimonsonfan creeps me out. Who in their right mind would be a fan of that has been? Maybe the fan is himself, I can't imagine anyone posting comments with a picture of the rotund out of shape dorky and be proud of it. dorky needs to go away, soon. Retire, go drive your Jaguar to Arkansas or So. Carolina and be with your homies.
Waiting on the beach coal trains and oil trains properly and aggressively travel and are our constant background noise. Open cars with Icoal dust blowing out way. We are sitting on a superfund beach site that is so toxic that the children that come to support us can't play on the beach. What pushes and pulls someone like my daughter to lock herself down to the anchor of the powerful, macho & monstrous vessel is love. A love for this planet, love for the people creatures, birds and critters. Fear is the other motivator. With the obvious destruction right on our tucking faces - 29 mike oil spill now! Fire on an oil rig Now! Because of the choices of the people in charge, who are programming us with false truths and systemically creating dependency on fossil fuels for the masses we are in global crisis. Raised in the same neighborhood as Bill Gates this Italian mom with a Grafuate degree has worked with traumatized children for over 30 years. I recognize abusers, perpetrators and tyrants. I've never told my children to do anything but live close to the earth and see and follow their hearts. Burn the witch. Call us whores. Question us, shame usbut then return to your couch as we hang from anchors to say to to Arctic destruction and climb trees so one more #Wal Greens and #keybank mall won't gentrify and destroy the beautiful Island we call home.
I see activists as the true warrior and soldier. Not fight to protect corporate interest but fighting for a thriving planet and people.
@65 Please don't drink and or use while posting. Your heart may be in the right place but it won't work on this site.