Burger Face-Off: Loretta’s Tavern Burger vs. Dick’s Deluxe


Goddamn I'm hungry.
Everyone know the Dicks Burger or the Cheeseburger is better than the Deluxe. Now buy some fries and a shake and STFU.
Loretta's is hands down better than Dick's.
Hey seattle, your Dick burgers suck. Sincerely, everyone in California near an In N' Out burger or anyone else near a Five Guys.
Why bother comparing Loretta's to Dick's? Aside from the fact that they both serve burgers, it sounds like they have almost nothing in common. Why can't this place stand on its own two feet without being compared to a long-established fast food joint?

Oh right, because The Stranger lost all their talent in the last couple of years.
@4 - Dick's does not suck. Sure In-n-Out has a better burger, but their fries are an abomination. In 15 years in California I've never seen a Five Guys, but I've heard it's good.
dimensional analysis people!

food/buck Dick's wins. if bucks don't matter then fly yer ass to Paris.

and @2 is more right than all the other commenters so far including this one.
The more interesting article would have been to compare the Dick's Deluxe to the Dick's Whammy, but no Stranger writer has ever ventured east of Madison Beach, let alone east of the Cascades.

There's a couple five guys here in Portland, gotta be just a matter of time before they find their way there, albeit likely to the suburbs (if our franchises are an indication.) Good, somewhat forgettable burgers, but some of the best fries I've had of late, boardwalk style, with bottles of vinegar on the tables. And they've got mello yello on tap, which I get a kick out of.
There are 5 Guys in Seattle. These people who don't know that are... I dunno. But it's not a comparison at all. You can walk out of 5 Guys and have put down $20. Dick's is a third of that. Dick's is a walkup, grab a bag, walk away. It's always the goto comparison here, but it never works.

@2, the basic burgers at Dick's are sloppy with a foul tasting mustard. The Deluxe is the only edible one.
Dicks is not a good burger. It's average as average goes. If you grew up with it, you think it's great. But it's not. To me, a McD's Quartepounder has better burger flavor. Price cannot be a factor when talking about Burger Goodness. As one thing has nothing to do with the other.

If you are one to say "It's good/great for $2.90", Then your admitting that it's not the best. You're putting a Cash Value on Taste.

To me, Zippy's is the best.
I like the Special. There isn't enough competition for the fast food places in Seattle so most of them suck. mmmm.... Dicks. mmm....