Sunburned Knees, Hugs from Killer Mike, and Kendrick's Exclusions: Emily Nokes Reports Back from Sasquatch! 2015


Hats off to ya. Only when I was a teenager was I able to take acid then bounce back the next day with keen onservations.
Yeah, this sure sounds like fun:

"Woman injured at Gorge concert suffered broken bones

"GEORGE — A 22-year-old Salem, Oregon, woman suffered a broken pelvis and back and a fractured skull when a car drove over several campsites at the Gorge Campground on Saturday morning.

"Keeva Haverkost was the most seriously hurt of three people who were injured when a compact car driven by Tanner A. Drayton-Williams, 19, of Woodland Hills, California, drove over several tents and struck pedestrians and parked cars, Grant County sheriff’s deputies said. He was arrested on suspicion of four counts of second-degree assault. The campground is next to the Gorge Amphitheatre where the Sasquatch! Festival attracted thousands of music fans Memorial Day weekend.

"Two other people were treated and released with bruises and abrasions at Quincy Valley Hospital, said Kyle Foreman, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office. Drayton-Williams was also treated and released from the Quincy hospital.

"Haverkost was being treated at Oregon Health Science University in Portland at the request of her parents, Foreman said. Her condition there was not available. Foreman said she was expected to recover from her injuries."

Glad you had such a nice time.

As noted in the post, The Stranger put up their writers in a hotel in Quincy. Or did the concert promoters?

Putting so many young people in the refugee camp environment, knowing that drugs and alcohol are inevitably involved, puts a heightened responsibility on the concert promoters. I hope they are held responsible, at least in part. And when did this paper start separating their writers from the reality of the festival?
I assume that Emily Nokes will be fired for dropping acid instead of doing her job? Or is this the new normal at The Stranger? Thank you in advance for trying in this minimal way to demonstrate a positive example for budding journalists.
I come back to the Stranger comments section occasionally to see if it's as full of nasty little shitheads as it used to be, and somehow it's always worse
@2: 1 fuckup, albeit a major fuckup. should everyone have gone home? or just been super low-key out of respect for ms. haverkost?
Yo should be fired from commenting.