King County Tells Shell to Take Its Shit Elsewhere


As long as that rig is in Elliott Bay they should run a test well there.

Maybe Seattle will strike oil, and not have to resort to crooked infrastructure projects to bilk the state taxpayers .

Sydney, I was critical on the other post you put up today. This one is legit. It just isn't newsworthy. Somebody didn't jump through the right hoops because they weren't awar of them or why they mattered, they have been made aware of the right hoops, and now they will jump through them. Yawn!
"Woodpecker and sparrow
With froggy and gnat,
Attacking en masse,
laid The elephant flat." ….. a point made in the wisdom of the Panchatantra

Don't expect change. There is no time for Sydney to develop substantial narrative or context when her job is to pump out posts. Therefore we get crap posts about meaningless crap, posts where she adds her own counterpoint (Sydney Brownstone, CEO-in-waiting of Foss and/or Shell) instead of searching out some decent authoritative perspective, and live-tweeting. I just hope there is a longer, patient piece in formation.
god-dang Seattle pergressives always tryin to stand up to big business. Can't a multinational corporation even squat down and take an honest shit in this town anymore???
It's not like their waste won't get dumped. It will. The contractor will just take it too another county. King Co. is not that big. Going 10-15 miles away is nothing. And if they dump at a private site in King Co. The county can't do anything about that.. Cruise ships and Container ships all dump at sea before they enter the bay. The rig can too.

This is sooo un-newsworthy. Syd is REALLY stretching for "Zingers" here. "Shell this", "Shell that". Sid (i know it's spelled wrong, but I can't respect biased bad "Journalism")
Does anyone know if Foss can be evicted? They are in intentional violation of their lease, and seem intent on ignoring the people of Seattle. Seems like having their lease terminated (or not renewed when it's up) could be a potential fix.

Welcome to The News! Foss is in compliance with its lease, at least insofar as anyone has reported.

When your editor-in-chief apparently peaked in high school, writing like a 14-year-old is how you keep your job.

Have you sought help yet?

No, really.

If you feel stable and safe, I'll leave it alone. Just concerned for a fellow Slogger.
Is using the word "shit" all over the place somehow make The Stranger more appealing to readers?

Not really. Has she offended your delicate sensibilities?
@8 Foss' lease allowed for cargo ships, not oil rigs, they are aware of this and are paying a small fine rather than follow their original lease agreement (you might know this if you had been reading the news). My lease says I can have cats - if I brought home an elephant, do you think my landlord would tell me to pay a buckle a day and let me keep it?

You're talking about the Port's permit from the city. Foss's lease is between Foss and the Port, and describes their current activity.
Headline should read: "King Co demonstrates support of Shell with massive petroleum water sportscraft display."
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