Manilow plays Key Arena tonight at 7:30. I can Barry wait!
Manilow plays Key Arena tonight at 7:30. I can Barry wait!

[Editor's note: By now, you've surely read Trent Moorman's interview with the legendary Barry Manilow in this week's issue, and you're "ready to take a chance again." The following Manecdote didn't quite fit in that piece, so we're running it here, while there's still time for fanilows to enjoy the countdown to Mr. M mounting the stage of the Key Arena this evening at 7:30.]

Shortly after my interview with Barry Manilow, I remembered a Seattle audio engineer with a Manilow story. So I called him. He asked not to be named.

So Barry Manilow called a studio where you worked one time?
Good memory, Trent. I attended a talk he gave at Berkeley College. He said if you’re 25 years-old and you haven't made it in the music biz, you should quit. Maybe he was right? Later, I was interning at a studio, and Manilow was collaborating with someone there. Manilow called the studio, and was a jerk, so I put him on hold, forever. Instead of getting the person he was trying to talk to, I just put the phone on the counter. I guess I was a dick, too.

How long do you think he held for?
I don’t know. He was rude. I did it three times that day.

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What were you doing while Barry Manilow was on hold?
Sitting at a desk thinking he was an entitled douche while I was working for free.

Will you be attending the show at Key Arena?
Hell, no.

Even if I get you an All-Access Manilow pass?
I'll be getting my nails done.