Zola Jesus delivered the most distinctive and intense Midnight in a Perfect World set so far.
Zola Jesus has delivered the most distinctive and intense Midnight in a Perfect World set to date, says host DJ Alex. Jeff Elstone

KEXP has announced the next wave of guest DJs for its Friday night program Midnight in a Perfect World; it includes the Wedding Present's David Gedge, UK electronic-pop artist East India Youth, Seattle dream-pop unit Craft Spells, Ghostly International beatmaker Michna, and Warp Records' arty post-punk phenom LoneLady. After the jump, check out the full June/July lineup and an interview with KEXP host Alex Ruder in which he rates his fave slots.

He may be biased, but Alex says he's found every edition of Midnight in a Perfect World to be great. However, here are his absolute favorites.

"JD Twitch — His mix revolved around the theme of nuclear war, which conceptually is quite dark and apocalyptic, but he was able to make it super groovy and profound with super sharp track selection and mixing that you couldn't help but groove to...

"Four Tet — I've been such a massive longtime fan of his music and his DJ mixes, so it was thrilling to have him contribute a mix early on in the show's history. In every mix there's some obscure track, that's new to me, that blows my mind and makes me take note, but this track by Arnie Love & the Lovelettes is a standout amongst them all.

"Zola Jesus — Her live mix at the station was easily the most unique and intense set we've had so far. Power electronics, punishing techno, enveloping noise jams, and even some classical opera made this one a highlight.

"Ben Gibbard / Yppah / Reverberation — These stood out to me because they were less focused on putting together a 'dancefloor mix,' but rather came off as more of Back To Mine/LateNightTales type mixes that give listeners wonderful glimpses into each artist's record collections and the kind of gems hiding in their shelves at home rather than the type of sounds you'd find in club DJ's bag."

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Ruder summed up his attraction to the format of Midnight in a Perfect World by stating: "I love that every Friday night the listener (myself included) doesn't necessarily know what they're going to hear, but it's always going to be a unique hour as the mixes have been consistently diverse, insightful, and sonically on-point. I also think it's great that the show allows artists and tracks to find airtime on KEXP that might not otherwise and opens up KEXP's programming to the local, national, and international DJ community for an hour each week."

Date DJ Affiliation Location
June 5: Kadeejah Streets Innerflight Streets (Seattle)
June 12: Michna Ghostly International (NYC)
June 19: David Gedge The Wedding Present (Brighton)
June 26: Cuushe Flau Records (Tokyo)
July 3: East India Youth XL Recordings (London)
July 10: Erin O’Connor Train Car House Party (Seattle)
July 17: Craft Spells Captured Tracks (Seattle)
July 24: LoneLady Warp Records (Manchester)
July 31: Chancha Via Circuito Wonderwheel (Argentina)

Midnight in a Perfect World streams live every Friday night at midnight PST. Previous shows are available on-demand from the archive at www.kexp.org.