Have you been to the Starbucks on the forteith floor? Its aite.
Have you been to the Starbucks on the fortieth floor? It's aite. Joseph Stohm/Shutterstock

Hong Kong Investors to Buy Seattle's Tallest Building: "An investment group led by Hong Kong-based Gaw Capital Partners has a deal to acquire Seattle’s tallest skyscraper," Sanjay Bhatt reports, "a sign that Seattle has joined San Francisco and Los Angeles as a key gateway market for Asia’s institutional investors."

Complaints to the SPD's Misconduct Investigators Are Way Up: That's being attributed to greater public awareness of police brutality and a more rigorous reporting of any alleged misconduct. "This is the result of too much probing into trivial matters," Seattlish writes, characterizing the police union's response to the uptick in complaints. "Or, you know, this is what we mean when we talk about accountability."

Seattle's Only "Majority-Minority" District Is in South Seattle: It's District 2! And even though many of its residents have already fled rising rents on Capitol Hill and in the Central District, "one thing many residents agree on: rising housing costs are causing anxiety," reports KUOW.

Still sitting there in Terminal 5 at the Port of Seattle. Still set to explore oil that, if extracted and burned, is sure to drive up global temperatures.
Still sitting there in Terminal 5 at the Port of Seattle. Still set to explore oil that, if extracted and burned, will drive up global temperatures. Alex Garland

Environmental Groups Sue Feds Over Shell Drilling: The groups, including the Sierra Club, allege that federal regulators haven't properly vetted Shell's emergency oil-spill plans. But, like every other attempt to block the company from drilling in the Arctic, the multinational oil giant is brushing off the suit. “We expect all aspect of our plans, including our leases and permits, to be challenged in court by many of the same organizations that have historically used legal maneuvers to delay Arctic exploration,” a Shell spokesperson told the Associated Press.

Feds Grant UW Physicists Millions to Develop Fusion Energy: Fusion energy, the university reports, produces no greenhouse gases or nuclear waste and has long been a holy grail for scientists. The idea is to get atomic nuclei to fuse, but this requires extremely high temperatures and unique conditions. As part of their research, the scientists will build the UW campus's first fusion device. (Note to UW: Please, please require that your research not be adapted for military purposes.)

Those Refunds from Comcast for the Second Internet Outage in Two Months? The company is offering a five-dollar credit, KING 5 reports. Go buy a sandwich in honor of Comcast.

Remember When Masses of Students Were Boycotting Standardized Exams? One Seattle-area principal is going out of his way to punish students who opted out of the exams, which was completely their right, Melissa Westbrook reports:

Are You Still Donating to the American Red Cross? Stop that. ProPublica and NPR have a new investigation out today showing how the Red Cross raised $500 million after the earthquake in Haiti and built a total of six homes. The kinds of mismanagement and lax standards exposed in the story are rampant in the aid industry, but this reporting is vital because the Red Cross is one of the largest groups of its kind, and it's the standard, go-to charity of choice in America. As I wrote after a typhoon hit the Philippines two years ago, "If you care about whether your donation actually achieves its intended purpose, keep in mind that you won't be able to personally track down where your dollar went." Watch the video:

And Did You Miss This New York Times Story About Bill Clinton and Haiti? Long story short: Petra Nemcova is a model who's graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. Her personal charity group asked Bill Clinton to speak at a fundraiser to raise money to build schools in Haiti. Clinton demanded that the tiny group donate $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation—almost a quarter of what the group raised at the fundraiser itself. "He was riding the back of this small charity for what?" one expert told the Times. "A half-million bucks? I find it—what would be the word? — distasteful." I've previously written that Hillary Clinton should be disqualified from any shot at the presidency for how she and her husband have screwed over Haiti over the years.