Morning News: Investors from Hong Kong Plan to Buy Seattle's Tallest Building, Environmentalists Sue Feds Over Shell Oil's Arctic Drilling Plans


Told you the lasers used to stop California from stealing our water via Zeppelin would be powered by a seawater fueled fusion reactor.

Have you found the limpets on Deepbollux Horizon yet?
Yeah, well when it comes down to Hillary vs. Bush in 2016, we know which way you'll be voting, so suck it up, buttercup.
Despite her "changing her mind", I agree with Barbara Bush. America really shouldn't have to endure more Bush fatigue or Clinton fatigue. The republicans are trying to get different entree, why not the democrats?
@2, None of the above, because the choices are soooo bad.

More generally, unless you live in one of the few swing states, it really doesn't matter if you vote or how. Only in 5 or 10 swing states, will turnout, and who that turnout votes for alter the outcome.

So if you are left progressive, write in Bernie Sanders when the general election roles around. If you are a fiscal conservative write in Alan Simpson. If each got 5% of the vote in WA, or even one of them got 5%, it would not throw the outcome in this state to the Republican presidential hopeful. But it would make a statement that would be reported on and analyzed by the establishments of both parties.
Look I know the Clintons are shitty, but nowhere in the source article does it state Bill "demanded" the $500k. Stop it with this shit-ass unjournalistic writing already.
I agree with @5. I don't see much distasteful there. I bet Clinton gets a lot of these requests and he can only accept so many. Why not prioritize those that can contribute to his charitable venture?

It's not like the price was a secret or a bill sent after the fact so it is obvious that the group crunched the numbers and determined that even at the cost of $500k it was worth it. And it looks like they were right, they raised $2mil in one night.
@5: It's so sad that voters are having to kiss butt: "Look I know the are shitty, but ..."
> Clinton demanded that the tiny group donate $500,000 to the Clinton
> Foundation—almost a quarter of what the group raised at the fundraiser itself.

So it was money well spent, right? They put Clinton on the top of the bill and raked in a shitload of cash. How much would they have gotten without him? What did the Clinton Foundation spend the cash on?

I'm trying hard to see something wrong here, and not really succeeding. From the sound of it, the fundraiser set fire to a huge pile of cash. People were there to squander money and have some if it go to charity. If they expected it all go to charity, they would have served ramen noodles.

If you want to bitch about setting fire to a mountain of cash, write up something about the very bloated AIDS ride going on this weekend, that makes the Clinton Foundation look like a bunch of Benedictine monks. It's just a pile of ego and narcissism wrapped in piety.
Despite a highly leading push poll question, environmentalists don't get the result they want from a poll on the Shell Lease.…