Scott Walker Knows Best How Women Feel About Being Forced to Give Birth to Their Rapist's Baby


It's the same old song. As long as churches keep telling impressionable young boys this propaganda, there will be stupid men to parrot it. See @1.
@ 2 - And it's quite obvious to the rest of the world why these people argue so vehemently against abortion : they themselves are the best arguments in its favour.
Good gravy, it's everyone's, um, favorite troll? I used to think that SB was kind of a good-natured crank, but I've recently concluded that he's bitter and mean-spirited.

Anyway, different point: The hell of this issue is that late-term abortion bans are not entirely a bad thing in theory. No one argues that it's okay to remove a viable, healthy fetus at, say, 8 months and 27 days and throw it in a wood chipper. But the real danger is that it's only the anti-abortion absolutists who get behind these bans, and their goal is to push those bans all the way back to zero. We pro-choicers need to hold our noses and make these term-limit bans OUR issue. Don't let them get taken over by the SBs of the world.
I am really disappointed I no longer always get to read Seattleblues' tear filled rants as he watches the world leave him behind.

I really wish there was a feature that allowed me to still see what he posted. It is just too hilarious to pass up!
@ 5 - Couldn't agree more.

He still has a few undeleted comments in the Caitlyn Jenner thread, toward the end. He calls me an "isiot"... He's a comic genius and doesn't even realize it.
I hate my state. I hate Scott Walker. I wish I could up and move to MN.
@5 - if you want to read comments by people *exactly* like SeattleBlues, just go to YoungCons or NewsBusters. (shudder)
@ 8 - The thing is, what's most funny about SB is precisely the fact that he chooses this forum to express his views... The contrast is what makes it all hilarious. As you say, those other sites really only make you shudder.

SB keeps calling us all deviants, but in the end, by coming here over and over again to have his unfounded opinions destroyed, he's proving himself to be quite the closet masochist.
"opinions on abortions are kinda like nipples
everyone has them but women’s are a little bit more relevant
but men's are all you ever see" -@br1dgit
@ 5 - Sorry, they've now been removed.

I didn't think they were that offensive - and I was the target!
@ 10 - Thanks for quoting that. It's pretty much all that needs to be said.
Wow, I think he was finally b&. His profile page throws a 404 now. On the one hand, I'll kind of miss arguing with him. On the other hand, it'll reduce the amount of shitposting on SLOG. On the other hand still, SLOG is pretty much just shitposting now; the website's really gone downhill.
Wow. Kinda stinks honestly. All sorts of studies out there show that we're all becoming increasingly and dangerously narrow minded in our political views, as modern media allow us to filter out all but those whose voices we're already in agreement with. Yeah, he's a shit-brained idiot, but there's undeniable utility in knowing how the shit-brained among us think. Nice to actually hear a dissenting opinion now & again, as it's not like I'm gonna start reading freaking Drudge Report or other such nonsense. And much as I hate to admit it, he could hold his own in an argument, far better than so many of these new idiots that populate all the arctic rig threads.

RIP, shit-brained idiot.

He's probably got a few other profiles. He will be back.
@14 - I know, right? I sometimes long for thoughtful argument with someone holding an opposing viewpoint - let's say a conservative one. But you won't generally find that on conservative blog comment threads - just a bunch of vacuous ideologues who mistake certainty for legitimacy.
@14, That may have been the case at one time (though I would need to see evidence with my own eyes because I don’t remember it) but his comments have become increasingly abusive over the past few months, with obsessively personal attacks on Dan and his family that add nothing to the conversation. Then, when those comments were deleted, he would loudly complain about being victimized by the censors at The Stranger. I honestly think he’s been trying to get banned because he knows his behavior here is toxic but he just can’t help himself.
@ 17 - I interpreted that as the desperate outbursts of someone who knows he's losing.
@15: The only question is what new minority his wife will be a part of, and what new boot-strappingly lovely industry he is doing very well in, as a self-employed dynamo.
@18, You could be right, and I agree that’s probably part of it, but to me he came across like someone openly grappling with demons. His comments towards Dan always reeked of envy and resentment. He’s either a closet case or he’s so insecure about himself he cannot accept that a cock-sucking faggot could achieve a greater level of power and relevance than he could even imagine. I hope he was banned so I can stop psychoanalyzing him.
@ 20 - Yes, I'll admit his attacks on Dan were too over-the-top for them not to hide something deeper. But you're right, let's hope he's gone forever so we don't have to ask ourselves what's wrong with him ever again.
"Keep talking Scott" - yes indeed! This is what I love so much about the primary voting "base"...they'll poison every single one of the GOP offerings, and they'll keep coming back "purer and purer" demaning ever harsher loyalty oaths.

Just look at the latest from Pew to understand what is happening with the Tea Party (culture war jihadists re-branded as Libertarians), the GOP base and the shift on same-sex marriage. SB is clearly a culture war jihadi and I'm sure he feels his spewings here as a trip into the Lion's Den.
@ 23 - You can't be our favorite troll because sometimes you're not trolling, and you occasionally hit the nail on the head, as @ 24.
Awww I'll miss him. And I think it was foolish to ban him from a traffic point of view at least. Nothin' gets a comment thread hoppin' like when SB decides to weigh in.
Seattleblues often forced me to sharpen an argument, and in the process, affirm for myself if, how, and why I believe as I do. He was/is an abusive troll, but he was coherent enough that you had to make a real case to feel satisfied that you'd done all you could, rhetorically. I'd say my most satisfying posting experiences arose from confronting that particular bridge-dweller.
What so shocking about Scott Walker's comments is the complete and utter lack of empathy for women. It's as if he, and those like him, actually hate women, and actively seek ways to make their lives worse.

From a political perspective, Walker and other presidential hopefuls will be expressing these views throughout the primary season. So I see no way that Republicans can narrow the gender gap, which may actually widen. Whether that happens or not, since the early 1990s, the conservative movement has turned-off many female voters. As this has happened one can only wonder what values "conservatives" are seeking to maintain when half the electorate is overwhelmingly repulsed.
@27: Agreed. He made a good training dummy, if training dummies were possessed of the opinion that they were better fighters than everyone who lined up to take a whack at them.
And the republicans wonder why they keep losing elections. Keep walker around, he's a good candidate to not vote for.
Walker should have heeded his own advice. He's not making it easy on himself at all.
I'm not defending Walker's comments


Can we please end this "Male politician thinks he knows best about this women's issue" (sub in your favorite politicans and issues).

A politician can only be one person, the necessarily represent many people. Either Walker's qualified to weigh in on what aught to be done over his consituents, or he is not. This only opens the door for, say, the following attack:

"Hillary Clinton knows best how soldiers feel about being forced to kill" or some other gobledy nonsense. And when articles like this are written, I can only assume that the author is equally stupid and their opinion absolutely not worth listening to.
Ricardo. It does look like SB really has been expelled.
Yes. Offensive. The whole notion of forcing women to have ultrasounds.
If they continue to make abortion such a hard find for women, the back street butchers will return. Maybe that's what these people want.
@32: The difference is that Hillary Clinton, or another female politician like Tammy Baldwin, could potentially have been a solider who killed someone in the line of duty. Sen. Baldwin is qualified to comment on how a soldier might feel about killing someone.

Scott Walker, being a cisgendered male, has never been qualified to know how a woman feels about being pregnant after being raped. He has never been a woman who was capable of being pregnant.
#7 “I hate my state. I hate Scott Walker. I wish I could up and move to MN.”

You're stuck with Scott Walker - for now - because the conservatives, reactionaries, Republicans, etc. know that local and state elections matter. They did a good job of motivating their voters - with negative messages of anger, fear, and hate, which are generally much more motivating than positive messages - to get out and vote. If you want to get rid of Walker, and others of his ilk in state and local government, you need to get involved in local and state politics on the progressive side. You need to talk to progressive family and friends and impress on them the importance of getting registered and voting in all elections, not just presidential elections. Don't just get angry - get involved.
My read of his comments was different. I think he's saying that if a woman is raped and wants an abortion, she will usually do so before 20 weeks. That's not quite correct, but it's not as appalling as the interpretation you're taking.
Loveschild was a lot more fun.
He was an easy target, but he was our target.
@34 "could" - except we know she doesn't. Does it matter? Should it matter? How much can out future president know about all the myriads of policy issues they'll face?

Really, it's just lazy thinking overall. Walker's an elected rep. He's no more/less qualified to speak on men's issues. He's no more/less qualified to speak on (say) international trade, diplomacy, financial policy, health care, or any other number of subjects. If you think it's a stupid policy, fine enough. We all know the classic fallacies, even thought I haven't checked, ad-hominem is on it.
Thank God, Walker will never be President. He can keep torturing the good folks in Wisconsin.
I'm looking forward to what the rest of the GOP lineup has to say on the issue.

I figured Republicans were going to lose their collective minds after President Obama was elected for a second time....I didn't realize they were going to pivot completely I f the edge, into oblivion.
Oh, just what I love – another man explaining how women feel about their own bodies and their own choices.
Although really, the thing that makes me craziest about post-20 week abortion bans is the fact that SO FEW abortions take place after 20 weeks,and those that do are usually medically necessary. You don't even get your anatomy scan of the fetus to know that everything is basically okay until 20 weeks, in most cases, so if something horrific is going on with the health of the baby, the kind of condition where one might easily argue that it's in fact cruel to bring them into the world, you AND THE KID are already screwed if a 20 week ban is in place.
VL @ 13 and others, I see a normal profile page at your link. Looks active yo me, albeit with tons of deleted comments.
* to, not yo
@ 43 - It was gone yesterday. Looks like we celebrated too early. Perhaps it's because of all those who said they'd miss him.
@45 - Yup, I can confirm. It was a big ol' 404 yesterday.
I'm getting tired of all this baloney. The pandering to brain dead social conservatives.
I'm super pro-choice (although I'm even more pro making contraception widely available so people can make that choice sooner and not get pregnant in the first place if they don't want to) but I have to say, If someone is pro-life, I do not understand the "making exception for rape" thing. I totally understand making an exception if the mother's life is in danger, but because she was raped? If you truly believe abortion is murder, then saying "rape is an exception" is basically saying "murder is okay if the father of the person you murder is a rapist".

That's just weird reasoning to me. And if their reasoning is "well, it would be too hard on the woman, having to carry the child when it's a constant reminded of the rape", I wonder why their empathy for how women feels about pregnancy stops there. Surely, being pregnant is always traumatic to some extent when the child is unwanted. If you don't want the child, it's a parasite eating your body from the inside and making you sick, for nine months. It's also a violation of your body, it's also your body being used without any regard for your consent if you're not given the right to end it.

Anyway, I find the guy's point of view vile. But I find his consistency easier to understand than the more traditional pro-life point of view.

Oh, and that whole ultrasound thing is stupid. Notice also how he's talking about what the grandparents or the kids feel about the picture, not the mothers? It's like they're being erased from the picture again. Have an ultrasound! Your parents (or the dad's parents) and the kid you don't want might enjoy it!
@48: totally agree. I always found that inconsistent, too. Maybe they just know they can't make it fly without that inconsistency. (I also find some irony in the fact that in my experience, pro-life people are more likely to be pro-death penalty, as well. What's that about? Is life sacred, or isn't it?)

Personally, I think having a child is a contract the mother (and father, hopefully) make with the society: to raise a caring, thoughtful, good person. It's a contract that goes on for your whole life, and anyone who has *any* hesitation about that shouldn't have to do it. Hopefully they are able to get good contraception, and use it correctly, but if not, I have no problem with abortions.

Not to be crude, but it's not like we're short people these days. We got plenty. Let's make sure the new ones are all wanted and loved.
@43: Welp, he's back, sort of. Does anyone have a scroll of Turn Undead? I'll swap you a Magic Missile or an Implosion.
I agree with Avistew. I think pro-choicers who don't make the rape/incest exception are the ones who are honest about their conviction that they are saving babies' lives. To allow an exception for rape/incest seems to me to be more about punishing the 'sin' of choosing to have sex without procreating. Which leaves me baffled, because they are basically labeling children as a punishment instead of as a joy. (I'm a mother- they're both, really. :) )
@42 There's no need for term based bans, because the sheer expense, risk, and invasiveness of a late term abortion are deterrence enough unless there's a powerfully compelling medical reason.