Child molestation = christian beliefs. Got it. Thanks for clearing that up Fox News.
Sooo...this is the same "anti-christian" media that gave the Duggars a reality teevee show based on their train-wreck family and Mrs. Duggar's christian-vagina clowncar -- how many kids are gonna' wind up rolling out of that thing before menopause?
they was jus' playin' doctor.
It's horrible how dripping with hypocrisy those people are. And add to that that Fox confirmed the names of two of the victims, thanks to Pa and Ma obviously. The victims outed by their own parents, and made to 'forgive' the child molester on Fox TV !
Christians rape children and have no problem with it. That's my take away from this.
Hardly pandering, there's a lot of good probing questions that Megyn asked those awful ditzos.
@8 Agreed. People are much more willing to open up if they think the interviewer is on their side. Like getting them to say that the information becoming public is the real problem.

No way they would have said that if she came in too confrontational.
"The Buggar parents said Josh Buggar, who's now 27, fondled four of his sisters and a family baby sitter when he was a teenager and confessed to them. The fondling was done over the girls' clothes and, except in two cases, happened when the girls were asleep, Jim Bob Buggar said.

"He's very sorry," Michelle Duggar said in the interview, wiping away tears."

Come on guise, it was just a little fondlin' over the clothes and most of the time they were asleep anyway so nbd. Plus he is vewy, vewy sowwy. Typical liberal media raking a god-fearing christian conservative over the coals for some heavy petting. Like you never got a little frisky with the family dog growing up, it's normal. Come on!
It makes a lot more sense when you realize that the Duggars practice a cultish fringe Christianity where women are not actually people, and more like cattle.

Nothing wrong with fondling cattle, right?

This is why they are so upset about the whole thing and their "persecution:" because it it causing problems for a man just because he victimized some worthless females. To them, it is completely unjust.
He touched his sisters and a babysitter? I thought it was other girls. And his parents are okay because they said the girls were asleep and didn't know. Really? And the babysitter didn't know either?

We had "safe-guards?" You mean you put locks on their bedroom doors and yet, he still did it again AFTER that? And a "couple more times?" You enabled a sex abuser.

And all this "over the clothes" until wasn't. The girls - were awake - "didn't understand it." Oh, Mrs. Duggar believe me, they will remember and will grow to hate you for not protecting them.

It's just weird how they go on and on to protect Josh and almost not the girls, saying over and over, the girls didn't know what was happening.

And you sent him to some "counseling" guy you knew?

As parents you aren't "mandatory reporters?" You are to God, buster.

And Josh has a "tender conscience" or is it a guilty conscience?

All this "accredited, professional counseling" came years later?

I do not believe - for a minute - it was ever just his sisters.

Jesus H. Christ, you sanctimonious idiots. You do know we can hear you when you speak.
Yes, a teenage boy's heinous acts should not be hidden from the media or lessened, but those of an adult gay rights activist like Terry Bean can/should be largely ignored.
This disgusting display of excusing people who were accessories to their son's crime would never happen if the couple were not white, heterosexual "Christians".
@13: Except all those nationwide news outlets that reported on the Terry Bean case. Also, the arrest and the charges filed against him might hurt your thesis that everyone ignored Terry Bean.
@14, @7: Save Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Michael Jackson...
I'm always reminded of the saying...
All generalizations are wrong, including this one.
@15 That's odd. When I Google Duggar and NBC, ABC, CBS I get the endless results you'd expect. When I do the same for that boy molesting gay hero I get nothing. Not that I care about about the Duggars. Rubes all of them. I guess when major Democratic Party operators have "hot gay three ways" with boys too young to drive it's too sensitive for those networks.
@17: You are lying, as anyone willing to type "Terry Bean" into Google can plainly see there are tons of hits in reference to the event, his statements, and his arrest and filed charges.

Why would you lie about something so easily disproved? Very bizarre and unintelligent of you.
@17: Does Terry Bean have a nationally televised TV show? No? Did he hold himself up as a national exemplar of all that is right and good and American? No?
@16 All of those people have been mired in media unpopularity for years. There is absolutely no acceptable excuse for any moral human to defend this behavior.
@18 Provide those numerous links to the three networks. Go ahead. I'm waiting.

@19 He runs the HRC. Does that mean Homo Rape of Children? I'm fuzzy on that. Does the campaign for human rights include children? Or their rights not to be molested by nasty old deviants?

He was also involved with Obama's latest visit to Portland. Just an anonymous citizen.
What the fuck does Terry Bean have to do with this thread?
@22 Nothing. Just an illustration of the hypocrisy of liberal columnists and major news networks.
Troll trolls trolls, gets trolled.
afro bangs and denim dresses are hawt

Here you go

It really is that easy. Anyone watching at home can also play.

Remind me again, why is there a statute of limitations in a child molestation case?
Still odd. Either your reading comprehension is non-existent or you're seeing links to ABC, NBC, and CBS that don't exist. Try again. Those STD meds are making YOU a bit fuzzy.
@29 You don't see any links to anything other than FOX news, because of the filter bubble. A "liberal" news site (anything other than FOX) is so far outside your regular, they don't even register.…
I think it is completely hypocritical myself, but can't seem to think what I would do if my son was molesting my daughter. I wonder WWDD?
Let's see Terry Bean was arrested for essentially statutory rape of an otherwise willing 15 year old and is awaiting trial. Terry Bean never condemned people for their sexuality, and never claimed to be a paragon of moral virtue. While they did not give it the 24x7 lead every news report that the Republican propaganda machine did, especially focusing constantly on his politics, the mainstream media covered the scandal more extensively than the right-wing propaganda machine has addressed the Duggars.

Now, let's talk about these Fascist assholes you want to support. Jim Bob called for rapists, child molestors, and those who commit incest to be executed when he ran for US Senate. Jim Bob has always insisted that he was a paragon of moral virtue, and has always openly expressed hate and condemned anyone who had a different view on human sexuality. He did this all the while knowing that his son Josh was a child molester who assaulted his own sister. Not only that, he did that AFTER he contacted a friend in law enforcement and lied to him about Josh to help cover up the incident. Oh yeah, and Josh himself went on to a career in leadership of an anti-LGBT hate group where he claimed that all LGBT people were pedophiles, without admitting that he is a pedophile himself.

Oh yeah, the most important difference is that Terry Bean will face a trail, and if convicted will be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life. Josh Duggar, thanks to his slimy father's actions had his offenses covered up until well after the statute of limitations ran out, and will never face a trial for this, much less have to register as a sex offender.
But did anybody warn their future husbands that the girls had already been defiled? They're the real victims here.
@ Tekel-- I googled Terry Bean. The very first screen had ten items on it, eight of which concerned the child molestation charges on the very first screen (which had only 10 items). Two were from those right-wing standard bearers The Advocate and CNN.

Admittedly, he's getting less press than the Duggars, I suspect because (a) he's less famous generally (does he have a reality show? I don't think so), and (b) he doesn't make himself a spokesperson for Christian morality. If the allegations are true, do I approve of his actions? Not by a long shot. However, he has a long way to go before he catches up with the Duggar level of hypocrisy.

Here's the link to the google search, by the way:…
I suppose it would be nice to see something resembling remorse from these awful people but that would require them to care at least as much about their daughters' well-being as they do about their son's public image. Instead they have brought shame and disgrace to their family, their faith, and their politics, and that's good enough for me.
Oh my, wasn't that a shock to hear what that boy done. And with his sisters in the number.
I wouldn't worry too much about the statute of limitations. He'll do it again. He's not monitored, medicated, or otherwise treated for this, and so of course: he'll do it again.
@15, my point was really that the author of this post wrote the following about the Bean accusation and that was the last that ever graced the official words of slog (except for commenters pointing out the lapse).

@32, I really don't follow the Duggars, but wasn't this a 15 year old acting against younger siblings and a babysitter ? Is the term "pedophilia" when you're a minor doing the acts or "sexual abuse of a minor"? As a minor, how much do you think Josh's sentence would have been if prosecuted/convicted (particularly as you think 15 year olds can consent to sex with 50 year old men).…
"I'm on an deadline today—gotta get two columns out today because of the Thanksgiving holiday—so I don't have time to write this up. I'll have more to say about it tomorrow. "
@28: the statute of limitations varies depending on the state in which the act was committed. I believe in the Duggar case, it was only 3-5 years? In Washington it's 7 years. The thing to note about the statute of limitations in child molestation cases is the clock doesn't start to count down most of the time until the victim's 18th birthday. However, this may vary from state to state. If he's molested any of his sisters who are still minors, he could very well be put away, so don't expect the family to let those girls speak to anyone.
I think that by linking Terry Bean to this story, the idea we are supposed to get from our conservative friends is that child molestation is fine because everybody does it.

But they've never been good at understanding things. That's why they are conservatives.
@ 38 - "Is the term "pedophilia" when you're a minor doing the acts or "sexual abuse of a minor"?"

He molested his five year old sister (and not "over her clothes," according to the police report) while she was sitting in his lap and he was reading her a story book. Yes, that is pedophilia.
Google 'duggar putt putt' to see Pa Duggar fondle and hump Ma Duggar in front of their daughter and her fiance while chaperoning them on their first date. Pa and Ma are grade A sexual freaks.
@raindrop #8 & giffy #9

Glad to see it's not just me who thinks Megyn Kelly was playing good cop and warming them up. It's just her interview style to start soft in order to get gums flapping. How would we ever get gems like this if the Duggars didn't think Megyn Kelly was their friend, just offering them a chance to explain their side?
@38: So you are whining becasue one guy did not say the things you wanted him to say when you wanted him to say it? Grow up.
@44, Yes, as a society the biggest problem we face is another guy not saying the things you want them to say. You understand the point perfectly. SMH
@13 - Please find one reliable source showing a major LGBT activist, organization, or political ally who defended Terry Bean's actions. Triple bonus points if one of them is running for President.

People of all religions, orientations, and political persuasions do horrible, indefensible things. What makes this story stick around is the rush to defend the indefensible.
Are (some) people here seriously trying to say that Josh Duggar didn't do anything wrong because he was under 18 at the time?



Conflating this with Terry Bean is fucking bullshit because no one on the left is defending Terry Bean. When multiple current and former candidates for President and Vice President rush out to defend Terry Bean, I'm sure it will be front page news for months.

@47, nothing I've read in the news indicates FIV-level of assault. Not that copping a feel through clothing is worlds better, but please be accurate.

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