SIFF NOTES 2015: Home Stretchin’—The Road Warrior Screening Added! The Harvard Exit’s Final Curtain! The Overnight!


i would be happy with siff just showing the first reel of "mad max"...all the rest, however magnificent, merely derivative...
"i am the nightrider!
i'm a fuel-injected suicide machine.
i am a rocker! i am a roller!
i am an out-of-controller!
i am the nightrider, baby...
and it's me and my marmaduke
and we ain't never coming back."
...and, lest we forget, “…they're heading for population!”

You have an open i tag in this post somewhere that's making the whole blog in italics, btw.

OMG!!!! Someone fix the italics!!! Hurry!!! All the words are in italics!!! Fix it!!!
I will try to fix the italics, but it likely has to be closed in the title up there, SEAN.

I checked, and yes indeed! the WHOLE blog is in italics!!!
i also came across the most stupid sentence i've read from a Stranger writer in a very long time.
dave segal writes about a brian wilson movie:
"Water appears in almost every scene, symbolizing escape and refuge."
he had to have had a freud fruit roll-up up his ass when he wrote that.
OMG, i'm writing crazy, like a crazy happy max movie!!!
Sorry, everyone. I have fixed the Itals and my resignation will be on your desk by EOD.
Please stop maligning Mel Gibson. As far as most of us are concerned he still is beautiful and cool and nobody has ever heard of Christopher Hitchens and nobody cares. Are the "Hollywood elite" still paying sycophants to do this? Give it up. It is not worth it. Mel Gibson is a great guy. He didn't defend himself adequately from the slander & should not have been quoted by a cop when he was drunk.
So much heinous behavior comes out of Hollywood that it doesn't seem possible that they think they can slander a good guy with their garbage. Sexual abuse is the NORM for Hollywood. Raping children is EXPECTED. Hollywood elites think they can nod to their sycophants and take out whoever they don't like. I know many a parent, myself included, who stopped their children from going into an acting career because they know they could not protect them from pedophile rapists. That is the cost of a Hollywood career. So the old bastards go after good people and think just from their say so they can make or break anyone. If the irony of this doesn't hit you I do not know what to say
Yes, please everyone stop maligning Mel Gibson with what he actually said and did. Like those darn sycophants at the police department, writing out police reports. How dare they actually take note of what was said? He was drunk for crying out loud, why did the cop even pull him over in the first place? Drunk drivers, the only minority it's still okay to persecute, I guess. How [finger quotes] "politically correct." Mel Gibson also didn't adequately defend himself from slandering himself when he later got caught on tape yelling numerous racist (and sexist) slurs at his ex-girlfriend. He delightfully spoke of "w-tb-cks," called her a "c--t," and charmingly hoped she'd get "r--ped by a pack of n-----s." I mean, who doesn't wish that an ex get sexually assaulted and launch into a screaming racist tirade after they've had one too many? Gibson's the true victim here. Why did he put up with himself slandering his own reputation? He should have sued himself for making himself look terrible and ruining his own career.
"one last look at that crazy Die Dritte Generation poster before the doors get chained shut."
I love that poster, too, but it would've been nice if The Stranger had gone to a writer who's actually attending SIFF to write the SIFF overviews. The posters have been gone from the walls of the Exit since before it shuttered as a theater the first time.