Seattle, I Love You, But Do You Have a Couch?


Not to sound mean or anything, but I've seen a lot of couches at the curb in many residential neighborhoods. Might I suggest buying a van in the meantime? Much more comfy & spacious. :)
Big shoes to fill. Maybe sleep in one while growing into the other?

Thanks for introducing yourself, something upper management usually fails to do.
(…and I did see Christopher's paragraph in the Morning News.)
the monocloud was here until... last thursday
Welcome Rich,
Look in the Vietnamese newspapers' classifieds (ask for them at Vietnamese shops/groceries) for a place to live while you settle in. Often there are families renting out a spare room for really cheap, they even include food (must like Vietnamese food, you eat what they eat). Most will be in S Seattle or the burbs ( think Lynnwood Renton etc, not the creepy East side). I'd recommend Rainier Valley - you can take the rail to downtown then walk/bike to work. Or you can sublease a student's hovel in the U District for the summer.
Beware bedbugs on free furniture.
Welcome aboard, Rich. I hope you brought a pail. This ship is sinking.
I've heard some great things about new microhousing in the neighborhood:…

(but really: good luck apartment hunting!)
Well, at least you didn't call it a sofa.