Surfs up. Kanye West might be giving his new album to Apple Music instead of TIDAL.
Surf's up. Will Kanye West give SWISH to Apple Music instead of TIDAL? Everett Collection /

• Now that we've got more details about Apple Music, let's get down to the nitty gritty work of distilling those rumors! First and foremost, there's talk that Kanye's new album (tentatively titled SWISH before he changes it three more times) might be released as an Apple Music exclusive. Sources have been telling Buzzfeed that music mogul Jimmy Iovine is aggressively pursuing the artist in hopes that 'Ye will bring his business to the fruit-bearing logo.

As far as we know, Kanye is still a partial owner of TIDAL, but he also deleted his tweets about the streaming service at the end of April, about a week after CEO Andy Chen was fired. I believe TIDAL was pretty much doomed from the start, especially as streaming video directly from artists was supposed to be what gave the service its competitive edge. But now that Apple Music has revealed its features, which include the Connect feature that Drake announced (and let us not forget that Spotify also intends stream video AND recently secured a new integrated content deal with Starbucks), the final nail in TIDAL's coffin is just waiting for a hammer. Give Apple Music the new album, Kanye.

And happy belated birthday. ($110,000 to rent out the Staples Center is money well-spent. Nice one, Mrs. Kardashian-West.)

• Also, I don't know if you happened to catch Daniel Ek's reaction to the Apple Music announcement before he deleted it from Twitter, but a thousand eager tech bloggers managed to screen capture his response before it disappeared. (Ek should have known better.) Apparently, the Spotify CEO tweeted the purposely blasé statement, "Oh ok," then felt an icy wind on his shoulder and thought better of it.

• Way back in September, Taylor Swift mentioned that her track "Bad Blood," off 1989, was about another singer who went from friend to enemy. Although Swift failed to elaborate, "the internet" was quick to deduce that she meant fellow pop star Katy Perry. This looked like a safe assumption once Swift followed up with a video for the single, which contained almost every other woman in the music industry and/or Hollywood EXCEPT for Perry. And Katy can't take that lying down... now can she?

Yesterday, Digital Spy discovered that Perry registered a song titled "1984" listing Dallas Austin, Andreas Carlsson, Patrick Collier and Nazerine Tokio as co-writers. In all likelihood, this is a not-so-subtle reference to the title of Tay's album. (1989 was the year Swift was born, 1984 was the year Perry was born... you get it.)

I'd just like to give both of these ladies a shout out for being such stellar examples of maturity. FEMINISM, whoo!

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UPDATE: Katy Perry's managers confirmed to Billboard that Perry did not write or register a song called "1984." Apologies Katy! (Still giving you the side-eye, Swift.)

• In other news, soon you'll be able to pay for any streaming service with your Sex Pistols credit card. CAPITALISM, whoo!

Happy Tuesday.

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