Kshama Sawant Opponent Pamela Banks Doubled Her Campaign Cash Last Month—Plus Other New Fundraising Totals


The race for city council district 3 epitomizes the consequences of Citizens United.
No tmplknight it actually does not. In Seattle there are strict contribution limits ($700) and reporting requirements (which is why you are seeing all this detail reported in the Stranger). Things that are missing at the national level under the Citizens United decision.
One question. Are outside Political Action Committees - those supposedly that have nothing to do with the candidate, allowed to work in support of a candidate? I ask because there are a lot of outside monied interests that would love to put an end to the political career of a popular socialist candidate.
(whom Sawant beat in 2013)

"whom" is for indirect objects, but "beat" takes a direct object, so it should be "who sawant beat". Right?
Thank you KnowsSomething, you're right. Citizen's United was actually a consequence of what we're actually seeing, which is an attack on Democracy by the 0.01%.
You forgot John Persak is in the running for District 8. Mind posting those figures? I happened to make a contribution to his campaign and would like to be recognized alongside all the big slick monies. Thanks.