"Carrie & Lowell is not my favorite Sufjan Stevens album. So I went to the Paramount last night wondering if I would see any trace of the artist who created The Age of Adz"

I feel the opposite. Really wish I had known about this show.
More pyrotechnic photography from Josh. Bravo, man.
@1, he's playing again tonight if you can find a ticket.
@3 Thanks. I will try.
Quick correction to the setlist, he actually opened with the short piano piece "Redford (For Yia-Yia & Pappou)" before playing "Death With Dignity."
@6 incredibly nice catch, I always forget about that one. thank you so much!
I was not emotionally prepared for that show last night. Wow.
I'm so tempted to try to get a ticket for tonight's show to see it again. I like Carrie and Lowell, but haven't listened to it much because it's so heavy and sad. The live version was even more affecting.
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