That really sucks. Is there ANY weird left on Capitol Hill? I shudder to think of the banality that will inevitably replace this store. Anyway, condolences. It was a unique, cool shop.
Who knows, maybe they're going to convert the space into affordable housing. *Snicker.*
We are having a shopping even for the store to help with moving costs! there is one in June and one in July! Everyone is pledging to spend $10 at least!…
Fuck it. Just move all the cool people to the south end, and replace all the businesses with Subway, Chipotle, and Chase Bank and be done with it already.
That's a damn shame, tired of seeing all the old "Capitol Hill weird" (and book stores, to boot) disappearing. Let's take bets on what will replace it - I'm in for "urban watering hole with craft cocktails and small plates."
the only way to change this, block by block, is for people with money who fell on their heads and woke up not wanting to end everything in the name of progress, to buy up blocks and fill them with sustainability based living and projects.
Well Capitol Hill was never "Weird". And if one stands in front of the store. And looks Forward, Left, and Right. One can see the neighborhood is changing. The only thing weird here is not changing . The building owners taxes will go up because of the surrounding change. Change in that area of the Hill is all around. And landowners are changing with it. There are newer and larger revenue streams moving in soon. And it's a smart thing to not renew leases of businesses that won't meet the needs of the new emerging community.
Can we move this party to our residential streets?? One way to keep weird spots is to allow retail to exist in more places throughout the neighborhood than just along the arterials. Why do we put this unnecessary burden on shops that they can only exist along arterials? As more and more of our arterial street buildings are owned by equity funds, you can guarantee there will be fewer and fewer weird retail spots.
I heard the city is spending $100,000 on the pilot program that allows pedestrians to roam the streets on 10th, 11th, and Pike. THAT IS $100,000 FOR A 3 DAY TRIAL TO SEE IF PEOPLE CAN HANDLE WALKING ON BLOCKED OFF STREETS. Chew on that...
Let's see, what else is part of that block/building? Are Stitches and Babeland part of the same building? Cause if someone's going to boot the wiccans, I don't trust them to leave the knitters and horny lesbians (and friends) alone.

@10, I'm sure that when their leases are up. They'll be told that their lease is not being renewed. That building is in a PRIME spot. It'd be foolish not to recognize that as an owner. And to capitalize on that fact. There was something else before in the locations where Stitches and Babeland are at. And there'll be something else there after they're gone.
PS: I wonder if the rent in those apartments is going to go up too, hrmmm.....
@11 Right. But it doesn't make sense to kick out a tenant of 20 years who pays rent on time without at least offering to renew at a higher rate. There was something just the other day about a blues club under the viaduct getting that treatment.

Maybe the owners/managers are holy roller types uncomfortable with occult stuff. Or maybe they've got a friend who wants the space. Who knows.
I've been in this place exactly once as I get to Seattle once in a blue moon. It was on my must visit list if and when I can afford to travel there again. What a loss. Come down to San Francisco, my hometown that I visit every day to service tourists and you will see your future. Is there any way to participate in this sale online? It isn't the same as going there but I'd at least like to help them get the money to hopefully make the move. This is Another Chang of Hobbit in Berkeley all over again.
Thrill Killer- it sounds like you want Seattle to be a homogenous cultural vacuum. People will live that way for a while, but without the real glue (weird little shops, affordable art galleries, knitting shops, sex toy shops and quirky little cafes) to hold a community together, people will eventually realize there's no good reason to pay 3 large a month to live in a cookie cutter cracker box with a place that sells $12.00 lattes in the lobby. Ugh. Just no. They should change the name of the city, because this is no longer Seattle.
@14: I've lived here for 20 years, including 4 years on "The Hill", and I've been in Edge of the Circle exactly once.

Seattle never had much weird to start with.
They're going to rue the day they started messing with the witches!
@17 - if only!
@9: That's not remotely accurate. Do a little research before just regurgitating shit you "heard."
@13: Sure, the landlord could take a page out of the playbook for the Highway 99 Blues Club's landlord and offer them a new lease at 225% higher than they've been paying.
An honest question: if the Pagan/Wiccan/Occult nature of the business is against the owners (of the building) beliefs, is this a valid reason for not renewing the lease? It seems strange in Seattle we look at these religious freedom laws in other states, but I have no idea if this is our own version of religious freedom?
Alright people !!! Let's help find them a new home so we don't lose them as well
@16, "Seattle never had much weird to start with." Really? I think you're full of shit. I moved here 23 years ago from our suburbs FOR the weird. Maybe where you came from had more weird, it still doesn't matter. There was no shortage of weird here. That music that made us a well known city was too weird for easy promotion until AFTER it sold a bunch. Then there was the local music that was great but ignored, pretty weird stuff (remember TCHKUNG!?). We had a brew pub years before the phrase was even coined. We had great head shops when legalization was a pipe dream. We had weird clothing stores, used record stores galore. And don't forget that The Steanger is over 20 years old.
We had no shortage of weird here, sir, and I think you should retract your statement. Like I said, you're completely full of shit.
What like Brogramers and Woo Girls aren't interested in the occult? WTF?

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