Weve made it to Episode 10 of our Stranger week-in-review podcast! Time to celebrate. (Also, the show is now available on iTunes.)
We've made it to Episode 10 of our Stranger week-in-review podcast! Party time. (Also, the show is now available on iTunes.) BrAt82/Shutterstock

It's our 10th-anniversary special! Ten episodes of this podcast and we're still not canceled, so it's time to celebrate with University of Washington meteorologist Cliff Mass, who's on the show to tangle with The Stranger's Sydney Brownstone over how we should be talking about climate change and ocean acidification.

Mass says claims of climate change affecting Washington State already are overblown, and he takes some hard swings at an award-winning Seattle Times series on ocean acidification, calling it "completely bogus." ("The Seattle Times stands behind the reporting in these stories," spokesperson Jill Mackie responds. "These are not new criticisms from Cliff Mass.") And Sydney points out that Mass is out of step with his own colleagues at the UW on this issue. Less controversially, Mass offers a weekend weather forecast.

Also on the show is Josh Feit, of PubliCola and Seattle Met magazine, who offers a theory about socialist city council member Kshama Sawant's de facto support for the home-owning class. Plus! Josh lets us play four songs off this great album of his, Teenage Machine Age, which was recorded in the '80s and '90s and then burned onto a few CDs, one of which was found a few days ago in the way back of a Stranger desk.

As we listen to Josh's unearthed album, we also go on a road trip through the brain of Rich Smith, who just drove out to Seattle from Missouri to write about books and national politics for the paper. Rich and I start off talking about dick pics, touch on tears and mountains and Sun Chips and wearing metal, and then end with a poetry reading. Happy anniversary!

Blabbermouth June 12, 2015

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